Top 5 Cheap Eats in Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin is home to so many great places to eat, with some amazing tasty pubs and chain restaurants. It could be overwhelming trying to find the right place to eat! I know I found myself in this very predicament when I first arrived in Dublin. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the bests cheap eats in Dublin during my semester abroad in Dublin and picked out the perfect places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! All you have to do is sit back and relax – I’ve done all the work for you.

Every place that I listed is also completely affordable, so you won’t be digging too big of a hole in your pocket. Take it from me – I’m a student and I’m always on the hunt to get the most bang for my buck.

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queen of tarts cafe
Queen of Tarts, Cows Lane location

For Breakfast, try Queen of Tarts!

Location 1: Cows Lane, Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Location 2: Cork Hill, Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Both these locations are actually around the corner from each other! If you’re looking for more of a sit-down cafe sort of feel, then I definitely suggest checking out the Cows Lane location. The Cork Hill location is great if you’re getting your food or coffee to go because it’s a lot smaller!
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 7 PM  //  Weekends, 9 AM – 7 PM  

avocado toasts with poached eggs
avocado toast & chai tea

Queen of Tarts is my favorite breakfast place I’ve been to so far during my semester in Dublin. It’s a quaint little cafe located just around the corner from the Temple Bar District, yet it’s never too busy there. They have breakfast, lunch, and brunch menus, and this is one of the best cheap eats in Dublin.

I love to order right off their breakfast menu! My favorite order is the avocado toast with a cup of chai tea, which came to about €7. Queen of Tarts has the best chai tea in all of Dublin. I really haven’t been able to find one this good anywhere else!

The sun-dried tomato and basil scone is also a great choice. My friend ordered the Queen’s Delight; it came with a scone with butter, orange juice, and a coffee of choice for only €8! What a deal!

For lunch, try Bison Bar & BBQ!

bbq macaroni and cheese
lunch at Bison Bar & BBQ

Location: 11 Wellington Quay, Dublin Southside, Dublin, Ireland
Hours: Saturday – Wednesday, 12 PM – 12 AM  //  Thursday & Friday, 12 PM – 3 AM  

Bison Bar & BBQ is a great place to stop if you are a huge BBQ fan. From burgers to BBQ meats, to BBQ Pulled Pork fries and BBQ macaroni and cheese, this place has you covered. 

Nothing on the menu goes over €22, and that price is for a ribeye steak, so it’s one of the best spots for cheap eats in Dublin. The average price on the menu is about €10 or so. I personally recommend getting the BBQ pulled pork macaroni and cheese and the BBQ french fries, both pictured in the photo above. Though they are both sides, I guarantee that they will fill you up.

I even left with extras! Plus, they are both so tasty. I got them both for a combined €15, which is not a bad price! This restaurant is also located right next to the River Liffey, so afterward you can take a lovely stroll by the water and take in some other local sights downtown!

For dinner, try The Old Mill!

Location: 14 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 9 AM – 10:30 PM  //  Monday – Wednesday, 10 AM – 10:30 PM 

stew in a bowl with soda bread
Irish Stew at The Old Mill

The Old Mill and Quay’s Restaurant are almost the same, and both have pretty much the same menu with the same prices! This is actually the first “pub” we technically ate at here in Dublin. It’s quite centrally-located, especially for tourists, as it’s directly in the Temple Bar District.

I know everyone says that the places in this area are tourist traps because of how costly they are, but I just can’t get over how good the food is here, so I don’t mind paying €14 for a great meal! However, be careful, because the alcohol here does get pretty pricey.

For example, my friends and I always order a strawberry & lime Kopparberg cider, which costs €7 per bottle, while you can easily buy a pack of 4 of these bottles for €9 at a Tesco superstore. 

I’ve tried quite a few things on the menu, but my favorite is the Cajun Chicken Burger, which costs €13.95. It’s absolutely amazing, and I’m not even a big fan of spicy foods! I would say this packs a light kick, so it’s really not that bad if you’re not a spicy fan too.

It also comes with fries, and you can add cheese, bacon, or a fried egg to your sandwich for an extra €1.50 each. My friend, on the other hand, completely recommends the Irish Stew. This is a perfect option if you’re looking to try the local delicacy!

For dessert, try Cloud Nine!

blue bubblegum gelato
bubblegum gelato

Location: 1 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 10 AM – 11 PM  //  Friday – Saturday, 10 AM – 12 AM  

Cloud Nine is actually the first place that I got dessert at here in Dublin, mostly because the first night I was here I stayed in a hotel located right in the Temple Bar area. Cloud Nine sells a lot of desserts, from waffles, crepes, donuts, to gelato! I got the bubblegum gelato, which was really good.

However, after traveling to Italy, I can definitely say that it’s artificial flavoring and coloring, which means it’s not necessarily the best gelato there is, but it’s still extremely tasty. Plus, it’s cheap! I haven’t tried anything else on their menu besides their Oreo sundae with vanilla soft serve, which was also really good and only costs €5, making it one of the best cheap eats in Dublin!

For another dessert option, try Gino’s Gelato!

crepe from ginos gelato
Gino’s Gelato crepe

Location: 34 Grafton Street, Dublin 1, Ireland
These are located all around Dublin, so I listed the most centrally located one, which is on Grafton Street! There are actually two on this street, within walking distance from each other!
Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM

Now, I’ll be honest. Whenever I go to Gino’s Gelato, I actually get crepes! I’ve gotten their gelato once and it was pretty good, but their crepes are what make them stand out as one of my favorite dessert locations here in Dublin. I always get Gino’s Special Crepe which is filled with Nutella, bananas, and strawberries, and its about €6. They’re made right in front of your eyes, which is really fun!

If you’re looking for even more dessert options, check out this guide on donuts in Dublin!

Where to Stay in Dublin

Don’t forget to book your stay at a Dublin hotel. Check out some places to stay in Dublin below!

Hopefully, this list has helped you immensely with choosing where to grab a bite to eat in Dublin. Are there any places you recommend that I didn’t list? Let me know in the comments!

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