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Get introduced to Steph & Lewis from Book It Let’s Go!

Steph and Lewis are the bloggers behind Book It Let’s Go! They are an expat couple originally from the UK currently residing in St Kitts. They packed up their old lives and their 2 cats in 2019 to leave the cold and wet behind in exchange for beaches and palm trees. Now they have made the leap to move abroad; they have no plans to return anytime soon. They are currently enjoying being based in the Caribbean and doing some island hopping while planning their next big adventure.

How Long have you been blogging for? Why’d you decide to start a travel blog?

We started our blog in January 2019 with the idea to blog about becoming expats in St Kitts, in 2019 I think we published 3 posts so it’s really only since March that we became serious about blogging.

Do you have any tips for new travel bloggers/Aspiring travel bloggers?

Start as soon as you can! We put it off for a year and now we wish we had started sooner.

Also, make connections with fellow bloggers, they are a hive of knowledge and if you need help you can always find someone who either knows what to do or is having the same problem to brainstorm with.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started traveling?

Not everyone will be happy for you, there will be naysayers who will tell you not to do it and come up with every worst-case scenario.

We have learned that it’s better to ignore them and do it anyway.

Why do you love to travel?

We love to travel to experience new cultures and meet new people but mainly to try new exciting food! We are massive foodies and trying exotic dishes is the main driver for us.

What’s your best and worst travel experience?

Our best travel experience was last year when we went to Kenya on safari. We had the most amazing time at Tsavo National Park staying at safari lodges and driving around. W

e saw so many different animals it was breathtaking and so peaceful to be out in the African bush surrounded by nature. We are already planning another safari trip because we can’t wait to go again.

Our worst travel experience was probably in Cyprus we had just had the most relaxing spa day in the mountains and when we came to pay our credit card was declined.

We ended up leaving our passports as a guarantee we would come back the next day to pay and on the way back up the mountain the following day we ran out of fuel thanks to the hire car having a faulty digital fuel gauge!

We ended up calling the dive centre we had been at that week and asking the owner for help locating a petrol station, luckily there was one 2 miles down the road, and being a mountain we managed to roll the car there only to find it closed!

Fortunately, it was one of the few self-service stations on the island so we could fill up and pay by debit card (oh the fees we paid!). It was a very stressful 24 hours but we can laugh about it now.

group of elephants

Do you prefer solo travel or traveling with other people? Why?

We usually just travel as a couple, but we went to Mexico with friends in 2016 which was fun and the usual family holidays.

If we had the choice, we would travel solo rather than with a group tour but it’s always nice to meet new people along the way.

people standing in front of a historic site in mexico

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever been to? Why?

Such a hard question to answer! We both loved Kenya for the amazing wildlife and safari is something we would recommend to everyone. 

Mexico for the history, the food, and the diving.

There is so much diversity and the people are so friendly Mexican food is still one of our absolute favourites today and there is so much to see and do in terms of history and culture. 

Jamaica is where we went on our honeymoon and we spend 3 weeks relaxing on the beautiful Caribbean beaches, scuba diving, horse riding on the beach, and sightseeing.

It is an amazing place the people are so laid back there is lots to see and do and having real jerk chicken in Jamaica is a must-do on any bucket list.

couple kissing on horses

What’s your biggest travel tip?

If you can travel carry-on only it is 100% the easiest way to travel. You can save money by not checking a bag and you don’t need to wait around for luggage when you arrive at your destination.

Meaning there is more choice for transport because the buses and taxis won’t be full, and you can get out and start exploring faster.

Is there one specific thing you like to do, see, or buy in every place that you visit?

Scuba Dive! We try and go diving in every country because there is so much diversity under the sea and no two dives are the same.

It’s also a great way to make friends and meet people and dive centre owners are super helpful when it comes to giving local tips for a destination.

two girls snorkeling under water

Is there one particular food that you’ve tried while traveling that you loved? What food was it and why do you love it so much?

Lewis- Truffle mushroom pizza in Ancona, Italy! The pizza dough was thin and crispy and there were truffles mixed into the pizza sauce for maximum mushroom taste with just the right amount of mozzarella cheese.

My goodness, it was amazing, I still dream about that pizza and I had it years ago.

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Steph- Fish tacos in Akumal, Mexico. They were amazing perfectly fried fish goujons in a soft tortilla with salad, guacamole, and spicy salsa topping.

They were so tasty, and you could get them as snacks or as part of a meal. I think I ate my weight in tacos in Mexico and nothing comes close to the real deal.

Quick questions

Plane or train? Steph- Plane; Lewis- Train

Hotel or hostel? Both- hotel

City or nature? Both- nature

Popular site or off the beaten path? Both- off the beaten path

Suitcase or backpack? Steph-backpack; Lewis- suitcase

Fast travel or slow travel? Both- slow travel

Professional camera or iPhone photography? Steph- professional camera; Lewis- Phone

Warm or cold weather? Both- Warm weather

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All photos used throughout this post are taken by Steph & Lewis from Book It Let’s Go.

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