15 Fantastic Places to Visit in March in the USA

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Whether you’re seeking the serenity of nature, the charm of historic towns, or the excitement of cultural festivals, the places to visit in March in the USA have something for everyone.

If you’re yearning for a unique travel experience, you’ll be delighted to explore the enchanting and diverse destinations across the United States in March. It’s a time when the country unfolds its beauty, offering a variety of adventures for all kinds of travelers.

March in the USA isn’t just about spring break parties; it’s a season of awakening, where you can discover remote and peaceful locations that provide the perfect escape.

So, if you’re looking for an ideal vacation to indulge in March, allow us to introduce you to the extraordinary places that invite you to explore, experience, and relish the unique delights of this remarkable country. Keep reading to learn more about the best places to visit in March in the USA.

Places to Visit in March in the USA

Boston, Massachusetts

View of street forking with red and green building in the middle of the fork

March is an ideal time to explore Boston, Massachusetts. With fewer crowds and reasonably low hotel rates, it’s perfect for a peaceful getaway.

I went to college in Boston and absolutely loved the beauty of springtime there. You can spend time perusing Quincy Market, dining on the best pastries from Bova’s, and exploring the Fenway neighborhood (my personal favorite).

The city hosts a lively St. Patrick’s Day festival and parade, adding a festive touch and making it ideal for photographing in Boston. The chilly-to-cold weather creates a cozy atmosphere for historical explorations and enjoying New England cuisine.

Nearby ski areas in New England offer opportunities for skiing enthusiasts from December through March. Discover Boston’s unique charm and cultural experiences this March.


Where should you travel next?

Las Vegas, Nevada

View of the Las Vegas strip at night with the Eifel tower lit up in red white and blue lights

March in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers a lively escape with a comfortable climate for exploring the city’s numerous attractions.

While it’s not the least crowded month, the entertainment options are worth it, including residencies from renowned artists like Katy Perry, Usher, and Maroon 5. Sports fans can catch the Las Vegas Golden Knights in action, too!

Las Vegas lives up to its reputation for live entertainment with an array of comedians, magic shows, and shows like Cirque du Soleil (Mad Apple is a blast!), ensuring a March visit is filled with excitement and entertainment.

Sedona, Arizona

Red rocky mountains in background with lush greenery in foreground

When it comes to discovering places to visit in March in the USA, Sedona becomes an ideal choice. March in Sedona, Arizona, marks the beginning of spring and the start of the tourist season in Red Rock Country.

The absence of sweltering heat and fewer crowds make it an excellent time to explore the stunning landscapes. In March, Sedona hosts the Sedona Yoga Festival, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and a Food truck festival, offering a mix of wellness, culture, and culinary delights.

For those seeking adventure, taking a Jeep tour through the iconic red rock formations or enjoying a serene hot air balloon ride over this picturesque landscape are experiences you won’t want to miss.

A visit to Sedona in March promises a perfect blend of ideal weather and exciting events to make your trip memorable.

Moab, Utah

red rocky cliff overlooking a canyon

March is a fantastic time to explore Moab, Utah, as the weather is ideal for adventures in the national parks and surrounding areas. While mornings and evenings may be cool to cold, daytime temperatures are just right, especially with the sun shining.

However, it’s essential to be prepared for some unpredictability, as the weather can change if a storm brings rain or even snow. (Yes, Moab CAN and will get snow, surprisingly enough!)

In March, Moab offers an array of outdoor activities, from hiking the breathtaking trails of Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park to taking in the mesmerizing views at Dead Horse Point State Park.

Off-roading adventures, camping, and glamping opportunities await the more adventurous souls, making Moab a must-visit destination during this dynamic and pleasantly temperate month.

Port Aransas, Texas

Overhead view of the port with boats coming in and out

Would you believe me if I said that’s a picture of Texas? Port Aransas, Texas, offers a coastal haven that’s home to some of the most enjoyable beach experiences in the region.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful day by the shore of Port Aransas Beach or a thrilling adventure on the water, this vibrant destination has it all open in March.

From serene beachcombing to exciting water sports, Port Aransas provides a diverse range of activities. Whether you prefer a leisurely pace or crave an adrenaline rush, Port Aransas caters to all tastes, ensuring you have the perfect coastal getaway.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Overhead view of the Grand Canyon with light fog

If you’re looking for warm places to visit in March in the USA, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is an excellent choice.

With milder temperatures, it’s perfect for hiking along iconic trails like South Kaibab and Bright Angel, and you’ll encounter fewer crowds compared to peak summer months.

The park occasionally hosts special events, like stargazing sessions and ranger-led programs in March, offering a unique way to connect with the canyon’s natural beauty.

Don’t miss visiting viewpoints like Mather Point and Yavapai Point, which make a March visit to the Grand Canyon a memorable and enriching experience.

Charleston, South Carolina

Pastel colored buildings along street lined by palm trees

Charleston, South Carolina, is a delightful destination in March.  If you’re wondering Where to visit in the United States in March, the city is a host of events and getaways to keep you entertained.

The city experiences milder temperatures and fewer crowds, making it an excellent time to explore its charm.

In March, you can enjoy Charleston’s house and garden tours, which offer a glimpse into the city’s historic architecture and lush landscapes. Consider a day trip to Savannah for more exploration, or head to Kiawah Island for a scenic bike ride.

If you’re a nature enthusiast, Seabrook Island offers a variety of trails suitable for all levels. In Charleston, you can also discover scenic trails like Kearns Park Trail, Patriots Point Nature Trail, and the West Ashley Greenway, making it an ideal destination for outdoor lovers.

Chicago, Illinois

Mural of items that spell out Chicago with gold stars hanging from the ceiling

March vacation ideas take you to Chicago, Illinois, where you can experience the city with fewer crowds and a unique charm. The interesting food tours around Chicago are a must-do.

While you may find the days getting colder, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at the Green River are a must-see event, even if it attracts large crowds.

Chicago in March offers an opportunity to enjoy its attractions with a bit more privacy and a chance to explore the city’s iconic landmarks in a quieter atmosphere.

Pensacola, Florida

View of island houses along white sandy beach and emerald water

Where to visit in the United States in March? Pensacola, Florida, is an appealing choice. This month signals the start of the peak season, drawing spring breakers and travelers seeking the ideal beach escape.

With warmer temperatures and a bustling atmosphere, Pensacola has become a hub for beach activities and special events like the celebrated Pensacola Beach Air Show. Nature enthusiasts can also revel in the opportunity to spot hummingbirds in the area.

March in Pensacola offers a vibrant and lively experience, making it a fantastic destination for those who crave both relaxation and excitement.

Savannah, Georgia

View of older buildings sitting along riverbank

In March, Savannah, Georgia, shines as a captivating destination with a host of exciting events and milder temperatures.

The March of Dimes Shamrock Run and the Savannah Luck of the Irish St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Bar Crawl infuse the streets with a lively atmosphere.

The city of Savannah comes to life during the 2023 St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah Rally, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who partake in the festivities, creating an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Additionally, the annual Savannah Veg Fest showcases the city’s culinary diversity. March in Savannah is not only a time of pleasant weather but also a vibrant period for enjoying its rich culture and special events.

Palm Springs, California

Mural with orange background and text that reads greeting from Palm Springs California

In March, you can relish the vibrant Thursday night street fair (VillageFest), where you’ll find an array of local delights. There are lots of great local hikes in the area if you want to get outdoors, but know that mornings and evenings are chilly in the desert.

Another great thing to do in spring is walk around to the instagrammable spots in Palm Springs. Luckily, many of them are fairly central, and March can be a great time to visit these spots without the crowds.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

View of city skyline with reflection of skyscrapers in the water below

March in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an exciting time for exploration. This dynamic city comes alive with a mix of festivities and cultural celebrations, making it a prime choice among places to visit in the USA during March.

It’s Women’s History Month, and Philadelphia pays tribute to the enduring contributions of women, both past and present, with special events throughout the city.

Make sure to include the Philadelphia Flower Show in your itinerary, as it returns indoors to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and enjoy the simply delightful PEEPS® in the Village celebration at Peddler’s Village.

Oh, and don’t forget that any time of year, including March, is great for trying a Philly cheesesteak.

Boulder, Colorado

View of dirt trail through forest with hikers and mountains in the background

March in Boulder, Colorado, offers a unique blend of warm days and the possibility of snowstorms, making it a captivating time to explore. Chautauqua, a park with gentle trails and stunning vistas, provides a relaxing outdoor experience.

Don’t miss the lively atmosphere of Pearl Street, one of Boulder’s top destinations, and the charming Dushanbe Tea House, an iconic spot that encapsulates the city’s character.

If you want a quick trip from Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Overview of city streets at golden hour

New Orleans, Louisiana, comes alive in March with a medley of cultural delights. Literature lovers can revel in the Saints and Sinners LGBTQ+ Literary Festival.

Explore the French Quarter Galleries, savor the seasonal delights of crawfish, and catch an exciting New Orleans Pelicans game.

Join in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities and the lively New Orleans Bourbon Festival parade. March is a time of music, literature, and cultural celebrations in the enchanting city of New Orleans.

San Diego, California

Close up view of ocean with two people embracing and another wading in the water

March in San Diego, California, is a delightful time to visit. The weather is pleasant, and the city offers a variety of exciting events. While it’s not the least crowded season, the city’s charm is ever-present.

Enjoy the vibrant Cherry Blossom Festival in Balboa Park, and don’t miss the free art gallery walk in downtown La Jolla on the first Friday of each month. There’s also a lively St. Patrick’s Day party for ages 21+ with live music and special Irish cuisine.

For a more relaxed experience, consider a wine-tasting tour in Temecula Valley, which is ideal for a romantic day trip getaway in San Diego.

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore great hiking trails in the city, including those at Daley Ranch, Elfin Forest, and Torrey Pines.

Final Thoughts: Where to Visit in the United States in March

When it comes to places to visit in March in the USA, the options are as vast and varied as the country itself.

From cultural festivals to outdoor adventures, March offers a diverse array of travel experiences. So, explore these captivating destinations and create your own memorable journey across the United States in this enchanting month.

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