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7 Best Moab Cabins for an Epic Utah Getaway in 2023

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Known for being home to the beautiful Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, it’s easy to see why so many people want to visit Moab. Instead of staying in a hotel, consider staying in one of the best Moab cabins for a more adventure-filled vacation!

A trip to Moab is like no other. There are incredible hikes, breathtaking views, and even amazing tours in the area. Plus, the landscape in Moab is unlike any other, especially if it’s your first time visiting Utah.

This post includes thirteen of the best cabins in Moab for your trip, in no particular order. Whether you’re visiting in a pair or with a larger family, you’ll be able to find a great place to stay in this post.

Below are all of the best Moab cabins for your fantastic trip to Utah!

Best Moab Cabins

Dog-Friendly Moab Getaway

🧍 Number of guests: 4 | 🛏️ Bedrooms: 1 | 📏 Cabin size: 443 square feet | Book Now!

First on this list of best Moab cabins is this beautiful dog-friendly Moab getaway. It can host up to four guests at a time and is genuinely rustic. The interior is super bright and vibrant, with yellow and orange accents and lots of exposed wood!

What makes this cabin in Moab so amazing is that it also features tons of windows which allow tons of Utah natural sun to come through. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Moab without sweltering outside, especially if you are visiting in the summer!

For those who do want to sit outside, there’s even a balcony area with outdoor furniture that overlooks the nearby trees. This is the perfect spot to sit and have a morning cup of coffee or even dinner in the evening.

There are many fantastic amenities in this great Moab cabin, including internet, heating/air conditioning, a kitchen with dishes and utensils, a television, a washer and dryer, and more.

peaceful lake between red rocks

Pack Creek Ranch House

🧍 Number of guests: 12 | 🛏️ Bedrooms: 3 | 📏 Cabin size: 1800 square feet | Book Now!

For anyone visiting Moab with a larger group, be sure to book a night’s stay at the Pack Creek Ranch House. It can host up to twelve guests at a time with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. 

The interior is traditional cabin style, with a touch of luxury. The centerpiece of this beautiful cabin is the giant living room which has two couches and two comfy chairs. This is the perfect place to make some fun family memories!

In addition, this home offers a pool that guests can access, as well as a hot tub. It’s truly the perfect place to book for guests who want to relax while enjoying everything that Moab has to offer, from its free activities to its incredible brunch spots.

For guests who want to enjoy the outdoors, there is a patio with a spot for cookouts. There’s a grill there that overlooks the nearby mountains. Note that this home is in Pack Creek, so there will most likely be other people staying nearby who may also be enjoying the community swimming pool and hot tub!

Modern Foothills Cabin

🧍 Number of guests: 6 | 🛏️ Bedrooms: 1 | 📏 Cabin size: 650 square feet | Book Now!

Next is this Modern Foothills Cabin in Moab that’s also part of Pack Creek! This one is a bit smaller, hosting six guests at a time. This cabin in Moab isn’t far from South Mountain, Hole N The Rock, and the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

This cabin does share a wall with another cabin, so keep that in mind. Since they’re technically adjoining, guests can book both sides if coming with a larger group than six for a fun time!

The interior of the cabin is very bright, with white walls and windows throughout for natural light. There’s a small kitchen with essentials, a dining area, a couch, a bathroom, and a bedroom with two beds. 

Anyone who stays here also gets to enjoy the seasonal amenities that Pack Creek has to offer, like the sauna, community swimming pool, and hot tub. It’s genuinely one of the best cabins that you can book in the Moab area, especially if you’re traveling with a few people.

skinny arch under a blue sky

Six Person Farm House

🧍 Number of guests: 6 | 🛏️ Bedrooms: 3 | 📏 Cabin size: 1400 square feet | Book Now!

This six-person farmhouse is perfect for guests wanting a rustic yet modern Moab cabin during their trip to Utah. The accommodation has lots of beautiful exposed wood, which gives the cabin a beautiful atmosphere.

The truly most breathtaking part of this cabin is the kitchen, which has gorgeous blue and patterned tiles throughout. There’s an island area with bar stools in addition to a nearby dining area with sliding doors that looks out to the mountains.

Those who stay at this property get to enjoy amenities like access to a shared sauna, hot tub, and pool at Pack Creek. Note that some of these are just opened seasonally.

Kokopelli Cabin

🧍 Number of guests: 4 | 🛏️ Bedrooms: 1 | 📏 Cabin size: 400 square feet | Book Now!

One of the most unique Moab cabins is the Kokopelli Cabin! It’s Adobe style and is small but has a super unique shape from the outside. It’s truly picturesque and Instagram-worthy, with its bright yellow door.

Right nearby is Ken’s Lake Recreation Area, and La Sal Mountain loop road, and it’s not far from Arches and Canyonlands national parks. The home has a bright southwest decoration style, with colorful pillows and beautiful photographs on the wall.

The home comes with tons of amazing amenities. Guests can enjoy a sleeper sofa, queen bed, private entrance, air conditioning, washer and dryer, and internet. Also, be sure to enjoy the fenced area with a fire pit, perfect for desert nights.

pink and orange sunset by delicate arch in utah

Pack Creek Ranch Lodge Suite

🧍 Number of guests: 5 | 🛏️ Bedrooms: 1 | 📏 Cabin size: 900 square feet | Book Now!

This rustic cabin in Moab is an excellent choice for anyone visiting Utah. The home has one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, and sleeps five guests at a time. It’s located a short 15-minute drive from downtown Moab, so it’s incredibly centrally located.

The home, of course, has excellent amenities, like a Victorian-style tub, walk-in shower, fireplace, plasma television, and more. The kitchen is also stocked with all the types of appliances that would be needed in a vacation home.

Everyone who stays at this home also gets to enjoy everything that Pack Creek Ranch has to offer. There’s a sauna, seasonal hot tub, pool, and more.

Big Horn Log Cabin

🧍 Number of guests: 6 | 🛏️ Bedrooms: 1 | 📏 Cabin size: 600 square feet

Big Horn Log Cabin is close to both Arches and Canyonlands, making it an amazing place to stay while visiting Moab! The cabin is super traditional, with a dark wood log exterior and a green roof. It also has an impeccable view of the mountains.

Anyone who stays at this cabin gets to enjoy tons of excellent amenities. There’s a kitchen with all of the must-have appliances, a private entrance and parking, a coffee machine, and even a patio with outdoor furniture so you can enjoy the beautiful Moab weather.

The interior of the cabin is almost all completely wood. Even the bedframes look like they’re made out of a tree! With its quilted bedding and outdoors-inspired wall decor, Big Horn Log cabin is one of the greatest cabins in Moab that you can book.

Final Thoughts: Best Moab Cabins

This post was all about the best Moab cabins! Moab is truly one of our favorite places to visit (we go there all the time), so we hope you have the best trip ever. Don’t forget to share this post and save it for later!

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