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Where to Stay Near Arches National Park: 12 Arches National Park Hotels

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Are you wondering where to stay near Arches National Park? You’re in luck!

If there’s one thing that both tourists and park rangers can agree on, it’s that Arches National Park is an incredible place. Flame-red loops of stone, stretching impossibly gracefully to the sky, narrow canyons carved like laugh lines into the earth, desert wildflowers shyly showing their faces after a rain, and a night sky so bright and beautifuI, you’ll think it’s studded with diamonds.

But camping isn’t for you. Though you like the beauty of the desert, you don’t want your roommates to be coyotes or rattlesnakes. You like showers, air conditioning, and electricity—and we can’t say we blame you.

In this article, we’ll be discussing where to stay near Arches National Park, from the coolest to the cheapest and everything in between.

Are you planning a trip to Arches National Park & you don’t have time to read this whole post? Here are some of our top recommendations to save you time.

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Rock balancing on another rock under a blue sky.

Element Moab

Element Moab is a sleek modern resort tucked away in a massive Slickrock amphitheater, and is undoubtedly one of the most unique places to stay near Arches National Park.

Everything about it oozes cool, from the chic, clean lines of the interior to the sandstone on the outside and the pizza-slice-shaped pool. The red mountains in the background provide a tantalizing view, beckoning you to the adventure that awaits within the park.

There are three types of rooms: standard, suites, and studios. Standard rooms have either 1 king or 2 queen beds and feature a mini fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker. Studios are the same but feature a full kitchen, and suites are similar to studios but with a separate bedroom from the kitchen/living area.

There’s also the mother of all hotel rooms: a 4-bedroom, 8-bed suite with a separate dining and living area. It’s basically one entire house.

Rooms range from $99 a night for standard 1-bed rooms to $900 a night for a 4-bedroom suite. It’s six minutes from Arches National Park.

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Aarchway Inn

Just up the road from Element Moab is Aarchway Inn—and, no, I didn’t make a typo there; that’s its name.

Where Element Moab delights in modernity, Aarchway embraces the Old West, with leather-backed chairs and a big GENERAL STORE sign in the corner. The floors and furniture are made of rough-hewn wood, with iron stars hanging on the walls. You’ll want to saddle up your bronco and go rope some steers.

Rooms range from one king bed to studio apartments with one king and two twin bunk beds (though that’s not the highest max. occupancy room—the 3-queen room can theoretically sleep six.)

Only their Studio Apartment category (the 1-king/2-twin option) has a full kitchen, though the others have minifridges.

The Executive Suite has a wonderful marble soaking tub, so you can unwind after a hard day of hiking.

Rooms start at $60 a night, putting it on our list of cheap hotels near Arches National Park. It’s five minutes away from the entrance to Arches.

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Tall red rock formations under a blue sky.

Hotel Moab Downtown

Hotel Moab Downtown is a sweet, cozy hotel; its balconies, shaded with leafy green trees, offer enough rustic ambiance to keep anyone happy.

The rooms have a rustic Native American flair, paying tribute to the region’s cultural heritage. It’s comfortable and charming.

There are four types of rooms: 2 double beds, 2 queen beds, suites with 2 queen beds, and 1 king bed. Only the suites come with full kitchens, though each room has a microwave (located in the dresser underneath the TV, strangely enough) and mini-fridge.

While it may not be one of the most glamorous accommodations you’ll find in Moab, with their most expensive rooms costing $70 a night, it’s certainly one of the cheapest. It’s five miles away from Arches. Other than licensed service animals, no pets are allowed.

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Scenic View Inn & Suites

Well, with a name like Scenic View Inn, it better live up to its name. And it does. But, like the saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and in that, Scenic View Inn delivers.

The chic modern decor, cast in white and dark blue, lends an air of sophistication to this hotel. The place oozes cool and crisp; you’ll feel like you’re in New York instead of Utah (though with a better price point.)

They feature three types of rooms: one king bed, two queens, or two queens, and a pull out couch bed. No suites (despite the name). No pets allowed.

The amenities are standard for most hotel rooms, but there’s no kitchen or refrigerator in any of the rooms; if you have dietary concerns that make eating the hotel’s complimentary breakfast difficult, or you have medicine that needs refrigeration, look elsewhere.

It’s a steal starting at only $60 a night, and we think the stylish atmosphere you get for the price makes this one of the best places to stay near Arches National Park.

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Trailhead sign at the front of a trail through red rocks.

Hyatt Place Moab

Hyatt Place Moab is a beautiful Hyatt, with a gorgeous swimming pool, heart-shaped hot tub, and graceful fountain, all beautifully lit and paved in desert sandstone. The rooms certainly measure up, too—they’re clean, sleek, and comfortable.

What we like about this hotel is its commitment to accessibility. No other hotel on this list goes as far as to make disabled guests feel at home. There are roll-in showers, smoke detectors with strobe lights, raised toilet seats, and more.

Each room has a pull-out couch with an extra bed as well as a mini fridge and coffeemaker. There are also detached casitas available, which are two-bedroom, two-bath, and come with full kitchens.

Pets are allowed, but you can’t bring more than two dogs; there’s a weight limit and a $75 pet fee ($100 for longer stays.) Rates are between $89 a night for their simplest rooms, going up to $329 a night for their casitas.

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Hampton Inn Moab

Hampton Inn Moab is serviceable, with all the standard amenities you’d expect from a large chain hotel (fitness center, pool, breakfast, etc.) The rooms are nice, spacious, well-decorated, and clean.

It’s around 8 minutes away from Arches, less convenient to the park than some of the more northerly resorts on this list, but more convenient to downtown Moab.

Choose from rooms or suites. Each room has 1 king or 2 queen beds. Rates start at $90 a night for standard rooms, but can jump to $150 a night even months in advance.

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Empty cracked paved road leading through a rocky scenery.

Hoodoo Moab

Think of Hoodoo Moab as Hampton Inn’s glamorous big sister (they’re both subsidiaries of Hilton.) Even before you enter the hotel, this building dazzles; its sleek modern exterior looks like something that belongs in New York rather than rural Utah.

Enjoy the sumptuous hotel pool, which looks just like it was carved out of the sculpted slickrock that forms the landscape of Arches. This is probably the most luxurious accommodation you’ll find in Moab, with 300-thread-count sheets, a fine dining restaurant, and its own attached spa.

You can choose between suites with a separate living area and single rooms, each coming in 1-king and 2-queen variants. Note that the suites don’t have a full kitchen; however, all rooms have a minifridge.

Rates start at $120 a night. There’s nothing on the website about pets, so if you’re planning on bringing your furry friend, call ahead. It’s nine minutes away from Arches.

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Moab Springs Ranch

So the last three properties on our list have been chain hotels, and you’re starting to feel like you’re trapped in a giant game of Monopoly. You want something smaller, more intimate. If so, you’re in luck.

Moab Springs Ranch is a sprawling riverside property set in a stunning location almost right on Arches’ doorstep. It’s not a hotel, per se; it’s a series of bungalows and townhouses centered around a historic ranch home.

Also on the property is a series of stone cottages built in the early 19th century, making them the oldest structures built by European settlers in Moab. The property is crisscrossed by idyllic rushing streams and has bike paths linking it with both Moab and the desert trails around it. It’s an adventurer’s dream.

The properties are divided into two types: townhouses and bungalows. The townhouses are more spacious and better for families—they can sleep 4-6 people, depending on the unit.

Most have a king bed in one room and a queen/king and set of twin bunk beds in the other bedroom, though some only have twin beds. Each unit features a full kitchen, living room, and furnished patio. In most units, only children under 14 are allowed to sleep on the bunk beds.

Bungalows, by contrast, are smaller, with only a studio apartment layout. Choose between single king beds, a king and queen, or a king and Murphy bed queen. Comes with a kitchen and furnished porch. Only the Ranch House bungalows allow pets.

Rates range from $160 for a single-bed bungalow in the winter to $500 a night for a townhouse in the summer. It ain’t cheap, but you get what you pay for, and this beautiful resort certainly delivers. It’s three miles away from Arches.

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Person standing on the edge of a cliff on a rocky trail.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Moab

So we’re back to large chain hotels—but this one certainly delivers. Tucked away in the beautiful sandstone canyon of the Colorado River, yet close enough to downtown to be easily accessible, it’s certainly worthy of a spot on any traveler’s list of where to stay near Arches National Park.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Moab is beautiful inside and out. We especially like the pool, with its sandstone waterfall that looks straight out of nature—if you’re not going to visit Arches and just hang poolside (which you shouldn’t do), this is probably your best bet.

Other amenities include a scenic walking trail, meeting rooms, and minifridges in the rooms. You have your choice between 2 queens, 1 king and a sofa bed, or 2 queens and a sofa bed. Rates start at $94 a night.

It’s relatively pet friendly, but there’s a $100 fee for pets other than service animals and a maximum weight of 30 lbs. It’s literally right on the doorstep of Arches—less than a minute away.

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Wingate by Wyndham Moab

Wingate by Wyndham Moab is a nice hotel, and will suit most guests’ needs. It’s a bit to the south of Moab, increasing the driving time from Arches, though it’s still only 12 minutes away—however, this does make it more convenient to attractions south of Moab, such as Canyonlands’ Island in the Sky district or Dead Horse Point State Park.

It’s cozy, with very fluffy-looking beds and pretty much all the amenities you’d expect from any similar chain hotel (pool, fitness center, meeting rooms, etc.). It’s not one of the most unique places to stay near Arches National Park, but it’s an okay offering.

Each room has a mini fridge and microwave. Rates start at $70 a night, and only service animals are allowed.

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View of the sun peeking through an arch over the horizon.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Moab

Now, this hotel is stunning. With its gorgeous red rock facade blending perfectly in with the desert, SpringHill Suites by Marriott Moab delivers the class that you’d expect to see in any sort of major city.

The giant pool complex—2 different pools, one with a sandstone waterfall and 2 hot tubs—will provide hours of fun/relaxation when you’re done hiking. We really like how the interior decor includes pictures of the various arches inside the park; it provides a tantalizing reminder to get out on that trail!

Suites have 2 queens and a sofa bed, 1 king and a sofa bed, or 1 king and a bunk bed. None of the rooms have full kitchens, but all of them have refrigerators. Pets are welcome, but there’s a $100 fee for pets other than service animals and a maximum weight of 30 lbs.

Like its sister resort Fairfield Inn & Suites, it’s literally right on the doorstep of Arches—less than a minute away.

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La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Moab

Rounding out our list, here is La Quinta Moab. It’s a basic hotel and is comfortable enough. There are 2-queen/1-king rooms, but both have mostly the same amenities. Each has a mini fridge and microwave in their rooms.

Pets are allowed. Rates start at $76 a night. There’s also a pool so that you can cool off after a long day hiking. It’s twelve minutes away from Arches.

Click here to check current rates and book!

And that’s our list! Hopefully, you’ll come away from this article having made your decision about where to stay near Arches National Park. Happy travels!

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