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15 Best Instagrammable Places in LA in 2023

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So, you’re wondering what the best instagrammable places in LA are. Well, you’ve found the right post!

SoCal’s Los Angeles is a citified beach town full of stars and sights for you to bump into. We’ve lived in the southwest USA for a few years and frequent this lovely city.

The City of Angels sprawls from the ocean to inland California and is the nation’s center of film and television. But that’s not all you can find here. LA is also a cultural hub, and with it being the second largest city in the United States, there’s plenty to see.

Los Angeles Instagram spots include Iconic movie sights, beautiful architecture, and classic landmarks, here are a few of our favorites.

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Best Instagrammable Places in LA

Rodeo Drive

Cars on a palm-tree lined street with luxury shops

Jumping right into the high end of LA, Rodeo Drive shopping center is one of those Instagram spots in Los Angeles that you just can’t miss.

This is a place you will want to block out at least an afternoon for. Shop ‘til you drop in over 100 of the top international brands, taking pictures with the fabulous storefronts along the way. Might be fun to catalog how many bags you acquire throughout the day.

Once you’re done buying a complete new wardrobe, pick one of the many Rodeo Drive restaurants to have a refined and relaxing dinner before you head home.

Or, if you can’t get enough of Rodeo Drive, book a night at one of their lavish hotels and just stay!

The Griffith Observatory

Observatory on a hill with the city skyline in the background

The Griffith Observatory is Los Angeles’ free-admission facility that allows everyone to explore space right here on the ground.

The observatory’s calendar is stocked to the brim with daily shows, special events, and activities you can participate in.

Not only that, but the building itself is a modern rendition of ancient styles. You can’t help but want to give it a permanent place on your feed.

Griffith Park surrounds the observatory with trails to be explored, wildlife to see, and even golf balls to hit.

Get educated and take photos at one of the most Instagrammable places in Los Angeles!

The Hollywood Sign

Hollywood sign in the mountains

Located inside Griffith Park, near the observatory, the symbol of Los Angeles sits on the southwestern Mt. Lee.

The sign was initially built as an advertisement for a housing subdivision in 1923, but quickly took on another identity.

You can see the sign from Griffith Observatory and can hike up near it with various trails inside Griffith Park.

The trails keep you from getting too close, which is better for a picture anyways. And remember that the sign is not illuminated at night, so to get a good picture you’ll have to visit while the sun is still shining.

Urban Light Sculpture

White lamp posts by palm trees

Urban Light Sculpture is another Los Angeles Instagram spot.

A forest of city lights, this public art installation provides a twinkling backdrop for an Instagram post.

The artist, Chris Burden, collected these lamps that used to light the streets of LA, buying his first one at the Rose Bowl flea market. At first glance, the lamps may seem to be in a perfect grid, but as you walk around the sculpture, you’ll see stratified bulbs arranged in all angles.

Located in Schmidt Welcome Plaza, the historic light display is open 24 hours a day.

Venice Beach

Beach with palm trees under a purple sky

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, hitting the beach is a must.

Venice Beach is an LA staple, with miles of white sand to relax on, listening to the blue ocean crash before you.

This is also a hub for skateboarders, beachside cyclers, beach volleyball, street vendors, and performers. You won’t go a few feet without something to see.

Venice Beach’s boardwalk, Ocean Front Walk, is one of the most visited places in all of Los Angeles averaging about 10 million visitors a year.

Venice Beach provides plenty of opportunities for Instagram-worthy photos.


Where should you travel next?

Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum is already one of the best Los Angeles Instagram spots when you see the museum’s futuristic silver and red exterior, and it just keeps getting better as you go inside.

You can purchase a ticket for $19.95 for adults. Children, youth, and seniors get a discounted rate. With this ticket, you can explore the inside of the museum seeing some of the fastest, newest, and brightest automotive technology today.

And not only the newest, but also automotives over time and more.

Find your favorite car to take a picture with and it will be one of the new favorite posts on your feed.

Hollywood Boulevard

Blue sigh that says Hollywood Bl 6300 W

Home of the Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard is loaded with cultural sights and LA landmarks.

Walking down the boulevard, you can find more than enough spots to take some iconic pictures in the City of Angels.

On the boulevard you’ll pass the fabulous Ovation Hollywood shopping center, TCL Chinese Theater IMAX, Dolby Theater, Hollywood Museum, and of course, the Walk of Fame.

There’s plenty to do, see, and eat at this Instagrammable place in Los Angeles.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

As well known as a Hollywood star itself, The Beverly Hills Hotel stands in all its California glory just waiting to be featured in your photos.

Located on the famous Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills Hotel has not only a beautiful exterior that is a great background for your next post, but if you are able to stay the night here the retro poolside views, lobby, and rooms are stunning places for photos as well.

This is one of the most iconic and classy Los Angeles Instagram spots.

Huntington Library

Exterior of a white historic library with a green space in front

For those of my readers who are looking to romanticize your life and show it on your Instagram, you will need to make a stop at the Huntington Library, one of the prettiest Los Angeles Instagram spots.

This is more than just your run-of-the-mill library, although those are great, too. Surrounded by botanical gardens with influences from all over the world and all throughout history, this library and museum has something for everyone to see.

Stroll through the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Shakespeare Garden, the Rose Garden, I mean, there are 130 acres of this; I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Once inside, gaze on the beautiful pieces of European, American, and Asian art, and loads and loads of books.

El Matador Beach

Rocky beach under a blue sky

El Matador Beach is one of three beaches located within the bounds of Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach.

If the busyness of a boardwalk doesn’t interest you, connect with your inner mermaid at El Matador Beach.

Rocks splatter the beach, branching from pebbles to arches you can crawl under or climb on top of, making for the perfect coastal pictures.

In fact, this is a popular spot for professional photographers and their swimsuit models.

Take pictures as you explore arches and caves found in the rocks, and there are picnic tables on the bluff where you can sit and relax.

The Pink Wall

Fashionista Paul Smith solidified a spot in the LA Instagram scene with his store in the northern end of the city that bears ‘The Pink Wall.’

The brutally stunning building stands out against the regular grays and browns of city buildings. Made famous by influencers a few years ago, this wall has now become a designated selfie spot.

There are rumors of the wall changing face, so this is a Los Angeles Instagram spot you’ll want to hit before it’s gone!

The Last Bookstore

I bet you’ve never seen a bookstore with this much character before, and it’s definitely something your Instagram followers haven’t seen before either.

Luckily it is not actually the last bookstore, but it is the largest new and used bookstore in California. Complete with a record store, comic book store, five art studios, a yarn shop, a book tunnel, and even a mammoth head, The Last Bookstore is calling to my readers with a fantastical, creative streak.

Located in downtown LA, it is right next to many of the other LA Instagram spots I listed.

Bedford Drive

Palm trees lining a street

Nothing says California like palm trees, and Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills has a whole street of them.

Guarding some of the nicest houses in the city, the palm trees on Bedford Drive stand up tall, just asking to be photographed and posted on someone’s Instagram.

Why shouldn’t you be the one to do it? 

Santa Monica Pier

Pier with rides on a beach

Santa Monica Pier juts out into the Pacific Ocean, alight and alive with beach-goers and entertainment seekers.

Santa Monica Pier has been around since 1909, and its rich history is embedded into every wooden plank.

This pier is one of the most photographed locations in the world. You’ll find picturesque sights everywhere you turn. Stroll underneath the pier for a grid-like view of the columns that support the pier, take photos on the epitome of a California beach, or pose with the pier’s famous ferris wheel.

This is definitely an LA landmark and a top Instagram spot you do not want to miss.


People riding a red roller coaster

Grab your Mickey Mouse (or Minnie) ears and get ready for a day of unadulterated fun and photos.

If you’ve never been to Disneyland, you need to. If you have been, you know just how magical it is.

With literally thousands of things that are Instagram-worthy, you’ll have new content for your feed in no time. Sure, the crowds can get ridiculous, but getting a picture with the Disneyland castle might be worth it.

Head to Anaheim to add a little magic to your Instagram feed.

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Final Thoughts: Best Instagrammable Places in LA

Spending some time at these Los Angeles Instagram spots will definitely spice up your feed in just the right way.

With all these destinations, you’ve got a trip to California basically planned for you! Might as well just book your hotel now.

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