21+ Must-Know Tips for Barcelona for a Great Vacation

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Looking for the best tips for Barcelona? You’ve found the right article.

Barcelona is one of the most unique cities in Europe. From the incredible nightlife to food to architecture, there’s a lot to see. Planning to visit a city like Barcelona can be incredibly overwhelming! 

Each year, millions of people from all over the world travel to Barcelona to soak up the sunshine and Spanish culture. But, it can be tough to know what to prioritize when visiting this charming city.

In this blog, you’ll find the top tips for Barcelona that will help you make the most of your trip.

Tips for Barcelona

Walk and use the Metro to get around.

An underground metro train with the doors open.

It’s no secret that Barcelona is a big city with big city prices. Although ride-sharing apps and taxis are easy to come by, they can get really expensive.

To save yourself money (and sometimes beat the traffic), you should make walking or taking the Metro your number one mode of transportation. 


Where should you travel next?

Avoid free museum days because they get really busy.

One of the best ways to experience a new city is by visiting its museums. Many museums offer free admission days throughout the week.

If you happen to be in the city during one of these days, you might want to avoid falling for the free ticket price. These museums tend to get overcrowded with tourists and families.

To have the best museum experience, it might be worth paying a few Euros to enjoy it on a regular day. 

Remember your sunscreen.

View looking up at tall palm trees.

With all the sightseeing you’ll most likely be doing, you’re going to want to pack some sunscreen! Barcelona can become extremely hot and sunny, especially in the summer months. Even if you’re visiting in the spring or fall, add sunscreen to your packing list!

Get to the nightclubs early.

The Barcelona party scene is unmatched. At almost any time of night, you can find a nightclub open. Although they are fun, the nightclubs can get very busy and crowded.

Some of them even stop letting people in after a certain time! Make sure to check out the clubs you’re thinking about attending and arrive early to party it up before it’s too crowded. 

Try at least one local food or drink while visiting.

A table with a large bowl of Paella and two glasses of sangria on it.

You can’t take a trip to Barcelona without trying some sangria, croquettes, or paella! These local foods are a staple of Spanish culture and shouldn’t be skipped during your visit. 

Research tours – sometimes it’s cheaper to do the same exact activities on your own.

One of the best tips for traveling in Barcelona is to research the tours offered around the city. From the tour descriptions, you can get an idea of the best things to see and do in the area.

That way, you can save some money by visiting the top tourist destinations on a budget! 

Wear comfortable footwear.

View looking out over a costal city from an overlook.

Barcelona is a pretty big city, and at times, it’s best explored on foot. With all the sightseeing and long, sunny days, having a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in is one of the best tips for Barcelona. 

Be aware of local scams.

The city is constantly full of tourists, which means it is also constantly full of scammers. Do your research before traveling to any area of the city, and be aware of local scams.

Our best advice is to keep a hand on your belongings and keep them close to your body. 

Always carry cash and card.

One of the things to know about Barcelona is that credit cards aren’t accepted everywhere. This means that when you’re planning a trip to soak up some Spanish city fun, make sure you’re also carrying cash. 

Visit on the weekdays for cheaper prices.

The back of a woman as she stands at a mosaic wall overlooking a city.

Our best Barcelona advice is to visit all of the tourist locations on the weekdays for cheaper prices. The amount of tourists in the city dramatically increases each weekend.

This means you can spend more time in less crowded museums or tourist spots by visiting them on the weekdays!

Don’t rush from landmark to landmark.

A close up view of a building whose architecture matches Gaudi's style.

There are so many tips for Barcelona, but this one is incredibly important in order to have a great tourist experience. It’s true, there is so much to see in this city! But rushing from landmark to landmark is one way to burn yourself out.

Our best advice is to take a look at all of the things you want to experience on your trip and visit a few that are close together. 

Purchase skip-the-line tickets for major attractions.

One piece of Barcelona’s advice is to purchase tickets to tourist attractions that let you skip the otherwise crowded lines! These tickets might be a bit more expensive, but for some of the big attractions, they are worth it.

Save money on Park Guell by visiting after hours.

A staircase split in the middle with a statue leading up towards a large building.

Did you know that some attractions throughout the city are much cheaper if you visit after hours? Make sure you do your research before planning your trip so that you can maximize your city adventures while saving some money.  

Park Guell is one of those landmarks. You can visit after hours for free!

Know that there are two local languages.

Most people assume that Spanish is the only language spoken in Spain. But that’s not true at all! Alongside Spanish, Catalan is spoken in certain regions of the country. 

Fly into Barcelona–El Prat Airport.

The Barcelona airport, El Prat, is a large international airport that you can fly into from many different destinations. When you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, keep this in mind! 

Book all hotels and tours in advance.

A tall building on the corner of a street that has a European style to it.

Here’s one of our most well-known tips for Barcelona – book everything in advance! As you can imagine, accommodation, activities, tours, and restaurant reservations are booked months in advance.

This is especially true if you are traveling in the summer months. 

Plan on eating dinner later.

One thing to know about Barcelona is that the locals eat really late meals. It’s not uncommon to have dinner at 10 or 11 p.m. every night. You should also keep in mind that most businesses close between 2-5 pm for an afternoon siesta. 

Vacation in the off-season for lower accommodation and flights.

Our favorite hack for traveling to Barcelona on a budget is to visit during the off-season. During the fall and winter, everything from accommodation to activities to flights will be cheaper. 

Consider starting and ending your days later.

An area carved into the side of a cliff with palm tree on top.

If you’re into the party scene, it’s likely you’ll be up all night long. Some of the earliest the clubs open is at 2 am!

Now that you know locals don’t eat dinner until late in the evening, to maximize your rest, you should consider sleeping in later and not going to bed until later in the night. 

Visit at least one beach.

A rocky shorline leading down to a bright blue ocean.

Barcelona is the best of both worlds! It has both the beauty of city and adventure lifestyles. There are a couple of beaches in Barcelona where you can soak up the warm sun and even take a dip in the ocean! 

Stay centrally to save money on transportation. 

Although staying in the city center can be really expensive, it is one of the best tips for Barcelona sightseeing. What you’re saving in transportation costs is what you can put towards accommodation in the center of Barcelona!

Final Thoughts: Barcelona Tips

Barcelona is an incredible city to explore just about any time of year! From top tourist destinations to beaches to great food, there is so much to discover in this top European place to visit. 

We hope this ‘tips for Barcelona blog’ will help you plan your trip and create incredible memories during your experience. 

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