15 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland That Will Take Your Breath Away

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We all know that Europe is home to stunning natural beauty. Since there are just so many places to visit, we’ve narrowed down this list to include some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland for you to discover. 

Switzerland may be known for its glorious hikes, skiing, and breathtaking views, but by visiting any of these places, you’ll be able to experience the true heart of the country.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more about the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland


Interlaken village by the water with mountains covered in clouds.

In the middle of the country, you’ll find Interlaken. This city is even known as the adventure capital of the country! It’s full of activities every outdoorsy person loves. From hiking to rafting to skydiving and bungee jumping, you’ll find it in Interlaken. 

It’s a must-see in Switzerland since it’s surrounded by the stunning Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, and incredible mountain views. You can even explore the area on a water cruise, on cable cars, and even ski lifts through the mountains. 


Bridge stretching over to a village in Lausanne.

Lausanne sits on the edge of Lake Geneva in northwest Switzerland. It’s almost completely surrounded by mountains, making it an up-there destination for being one of the best scenery in the country! 

This Swiss destination has something for everyone. Here, you’ll discover a historical old town, a 12th-century castle, and the perfect place to soak up a truly Swiss city without all the tourists. 


Picturesque Lauterbrunnen surrounded by fall foliage.

Lauterbrunnen is a beautiful village nestled in the valley of the Swiss Alps. It’s considered one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland because of its 72 waterfalls! 

It’s also a popular place for anyone looking for an adventure. From hiking, walking, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing, you’ll be able to find an activity you love at any time of year. 

If you’re looking to get away in the mountains, add Lauterbrunnen to your list! The best time to check out one of the most beautiful places of Switzerland is during the spring and summer before it’s too wet and rainy. 


People walking on a trail leading to a village in Lugano.

In southern Switzerland, you’ll discover one of the most sought-after Swiss destinations. Its close border to Italy earns it the nickname of “Little Italy.” It’s one of those destinations that has the big city amenities in the small city feel. 

Despite Lugano’s stunning Lake Lugano and dramatic mountains that paint the backdrop of the city, it also has a beautiful downtown center you can easily explore on foot.

Lugano is a very peaceful and charming city that just begs you to spend more time in it. 

You can spend your time in Lugano exploring its gardens, taking a boat tour on the lake, or taking a cable car ride up to one of the surrounding mountains. 


Boats floating on the water under a blue sky in Montreux.

In northeastern Switzerland, close to Lake Geneva, you can enjoy exploring Montreux. This city is located at the bottom of the Alps and is famous for sitting on Lake Lémman.

From the heart of the village, you can see the breathtaking views of the snow-capped Alps. 

If Montreux’s natural beauty isn’t enough, it’s also home to Chillon Castle! This castle even happens to be one of the most visited castles on the entire continent.

For all the traveling wine lovers out there. You can enjoy sipping wine in a few of the vineyards that surround the region!


Beautiful town of Grindelwald by tall mountains under a blue sky.

Near the middle of the country, you’ll find Grindelwald. Here, you can soak up incredible views of the Alps in a typical Swiss village. Grindelwald was put on the map by Jungfraujoch. Most tourists come to Grindelwald to go on a trip to the summit! 

From the village, you can also explore the Alps by taking a cableway, ziplining, skiing, or hiking. If you’re looking for a place to relax in the mountains, you can do so in one of the village’s hotel spas. 

Swiss National Park

Person walking on a trail through the mountains by the water in Swiss National Park.

In eastern Switzerland, you’ll be shocked by the beauty of the Swiss National Park. It happens to be the oldest national park in the Alps! It’s a remote area filled to the brim with hiking trails. 

Check out some of these stunning and most popular hikes in the region:

  • Lakes of Macun
  • Munt La Schera
  • Val Minger
  • Alp Trupchun

If you’re thinking about backpacking, it’s important to know that there are only two legal camping areas in the entire park. Before heading there, make sure to do your research!


Green, grassy area with homes and mountains in the back in Appenzell.

In the northeastern region of Switzerland, you’ll find Appenzell. This tiny town is known for its farms and pastures. It’s surrounded by the Alpstein mountain range, which makes it arguably the most beautiful place in Switzerland. 

Every outdoor lover always finds something to like about Appenzell. There is a cable car to the top of Ebenalp Mountain, paragliding, and plenty of hiking.

For those not so interested in the outdoor adventure aspects of the region, the Sitter River is lovely for relaxing! 


Small waterfall under a bridge on a foggy day in Lucerne.

Lucerne is found in the middle of the country and has been made popular by its views of the mountains! It’s also home to the picturesque Lake Lucerne and the Reuss river. On this river, you can explore the Chapel Bridge. This bridge is the oldest in Europe! 

Lucerne has a little bit of everything. It’s a walkable city, historically significant, and has stunning natural beauty. You can explore Lucerne by taking a boat tour, swimming in the lake, or on foot through the city squares. 


Where should you travel next?


View of Gimmelwald through a window in winter.

Gimmelwald wins the award for one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland!

It’s a village located in the Alps, south of Interlaken, that you can only get to if you hike in or take a cable car. Although it might be a bit of a commitment to make it here, you can count on no traffic!

There aren’t a ton of tourist attractions here, but it is a great place to visit if you want to relax and soak up Switzerland’s incredible beauty.

If you do take the trip to the village, make sure to stop in The Honesty Shop. It’s a store that relies solely on the honor system. 


Buildings on a green, grassy hill in Gruyeres.

Gruyeres is located in mid-western Switzerland, where its hilly green landscape and Pre-Alp views put it on the map. Gruyeres is a medieval town that isn’t super large but may have the best scenery in Switzerland! 

This town is full of cobblestone streets, medieval walls, and even a castle. If you didn’t know, Gruyeres is where gruyere cheese comes from.

During your visit, you can learn and watch how to make cheese and experience how chocolate is made during a chocolate-making workshop! 


Charming homes along the water in Basel under a sunset sky.

Basel is located in northwestern Switzerland. This city borders both Germany and France. It’s known as one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland because of its gardens!

Basel’s botanical garden, the Merian Garten, and the Rhine are all reasons why people from all over the world add this city to their must-see list. 

In the city, you’ll also find stunning modern architecture that makes Basel so charming. One of the most visited places in the city is the Spalentor City Gate! It’s a 15th-century gate that is also an iconic landmark of the city. 


Vibrant town of Geneva under a blue sky.

In the southwestern tip of Switzerland, you can explore Geneva! For anyone interested in exploring anywhere Swiss, Geneva is a must-see in Switzerland. In Geneva, you can explore the largest lake in western Europe, Lake Genera! 

If that doesn’t make you want to add it to your bucket list, it’s also located between Alpine peaks and vineyards. It might surprise you that this stunning Swiss city doesn’t get overrun with tourists.

You should have a pretty easy time exploring this destination without too much prior planning. 


Aerial view of Zurich from above in winter.

Central Switzerland is home to Zurich, one of the most famous and beautiful places to add to your Swiss bucket list. In Zurich, there is something beautiful to see in every corner of the city.

There’s incredible architecture and historical buildings to wander through. Even their alleyways are stunning!

Much like the rest of the country, the wintertime activities are in full force here. For those not so excited by Switzerland in the cold, relaxing by the banks of Lake Zurich in the summertime is just as fun!

St. Moritz

Village with a lake surrounded by snowy mountains.

In the southeastern part of Switzerland, you’ll find St. Moritz. It might actually be the most beautiful place in the country! It’s known as a luxury getaway destination and home to some of the richest people in the world. 

What makes it so beautiful are its surroundings! St. Moritz is surrounded by the Alps and even sits right on Lake St. Moritz. We recommend checking this place out in the winter. The snow adds extra beauty to the town and even attracts winter sports lovers. 

Final Thoughts: Most Picturesque Places in Switzerland

Europe is packed full of beautiful places. From mountains to beaches to valleys and rivers, there’s so much to discover. Although it has a high price tag, Switzerland has all of these things and more!

The next time you’re planning a Europe trip, add some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland to your list!

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