Switzerland Bucket List: 27 Best Things to do in Switzerland

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Are you wondering about unique experiences you can add to your Switzerland bucket list? You came to the right place!

This incredible mountainous country in the heart of Europe hides numerous breathtaking views, scenic mountain tops, fairytale villages, and delicious food.

I’ve spent extensive time traveling over in Europe and have also traveled in both Zurich and Lucerne, explaining much of what this area of Switzerland has to offer.

Traveling to Switzerland can seem intimidating as it is known as one of the most expensive countries to travel to in Europe. However, there is more to Switzerland than just ski resorts, and you might be surprised to learn that some of the best things to do in Switzerland are completely free!

If you’re ready to discover the best Switzerland has to offer, let’s jump right in!

Switzerland Bucket List

Try Swiss Chocolate

Hand holding a chocolate truffle with the words "Max Chocolatier" printed on it

You can’t travel to Switzerland and not try their world-famous chocolate. Swiss chocolate contains more milk than most chocolate, giving it its distinct creamy, and luxurious taste.

Lindt is the most well-known Swiss chocolate brand, but make sure also to visit some artisanal handmade chocolate shops for a “treat yourself” experience.

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Enjoy the View from Jungfraujoch

At 3,463 m of elevation, Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe. It is sometimes referred to as the Top of Europe as it is the highest point in Europe you can reach by train.

The view is incredible. You’re surrounded by mountain tops without actually having to do any hiking!

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Where should you travel next?

Book a Lake Zurich Cruise

The picturesque Lake Zurich is one of the must-see places in Zurich. While you could even swim in the lake in summer, a fun way to see the city from a different perspective is to take a Lake Zurich cruise!

You can see all the city highlights from the boat and admire the surrounding nature as the boat leaves the city center, taking you around the lake.

This tour includes a Lake Zurich cruise!

Eat Raclette

plate with bread, meat, and vegetables covered in raclette cheese on a wooden table

Is there anything more delicious than adding melted cheese to your dish? Raclette is a traditional Swiss dish based on heating cheese and melting it over boiled potatoes.

If you’re lucky, you get the cheese melted right off the cheese wheel. Now that’s a real Switzerland bucket list item for foodies!

Explore Chillon Castle

Sitting on the shores of Lake Geneva, Chillon Castle looks like it belongs in a Disney movie. The castle was built on its private island, with tall stone walls protecting it from enemies.

Walk the castle’s premises and imagine what it was like to live within its walls centuries ago.

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Ride the Glacier Express

Switzerland is home to many stunning train rides, but Glacier Express is one of the must-dos in Switzerland! Despite its name, this is a slow, 8-hour journey across Switzerland. You’ll pass through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

This train journey is wonderful at any time of the year: in the winter when you can admire the snow-covered landscapes, or in the summer when everything is green.

Go on a Vineyard Tour

Switzerland is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of winemaking. It is home to some delicious grape varieties and picturesque vineyards. Take a wine-tasting tour and taste Swiss wine in one of the 6 Swiss wine regions.

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Climb to the top of Grossmünster Church in Zurich

aerial view of a european city on a cloudy day with a river flowing through the middle of it

Grossmünster Church is one of the four major churches in the city, and you can climb to the top of the tower for an amazing view of the city. It is especially stunning for sunset as you get to see the sun setting behind the city!

Learn at the Olympic Museum

You must visit the Olympic Museum in Lausanne if you are a sports lover. It houses a permanent exhibition where you can see displays of past Olympic events, athletes, and medals. It is an interactive museum, so great for families with kids!

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Wander the Streets of Lucerne

The colorful Old Town of Lucerne is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Switzerland. Stroll the cobblestone streets of Lucerne, cross the historic bridges, and admire the well-preserved medieval buildings.

Ride the Cable Car up Mt Pilatus

Mt Pilatus Cable car ride is one of the best things to do in Switzerland. It takes you from the city of Lucerne to the top of Mount Pilatus. The view of the lake and the surrounding mountains from the cable car is breathtaking!

Top tip: You can also take the world’s steepest railway in one direction, up or down, and combine these two attractions!

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Find the Lion Monument

The Lion of Lucerne is a hidden attraction in Lucerne, a bit outside of the tourist area but still within walking distance. This large lion sculpture is carved into a cliff to commemorate the Swiss guards killed during the French Revolution. 

See the largest clock face in Europe at Zurich’s St. Peter

Large church clock tower with smaller buildings on the left side of it

St. Peter’s church clock in Zurich is the largest European church clock face! It is so large that you can see it peaking between the buildings from many different corners around Zurich.

Hike Eiger Trail in Grindelwald

You’ll find the Eiger Trail in the Jungfrau region of the Bernese Oberland. Hiking this scenic trail is one of the best things to do in Switzerland for nature lovers. On this thrilling 3.7-mile hike, you’ll see the world-famous trio of mountain tops: the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

Paraglide in Lauterbrunnen

Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen is a Switzerland bucket list item for every thrill seeker. Lauterbrunnen is one of the most beautiful places to fly over. You’ll see waterfalls, the river, the town below you, and stunning mountains everywhere you look.

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Ride a Cable Car to the top of Mount Titlis

cable car going up the side of a snowy mountain with a lake at the bottom

Another scenic cable car ride in the Swiss Alps to add to your itinerary. Mount Titlis cable car is the world’s first rotating cable car, which makes it unique among other cable cars in Switzerland. The rotation gives you a perfect panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. 

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Spend a Day Skiing or Snowboarding

Switzerland is well known for its world-class ski resorts. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are some of the best adventurous things to do in Switzerland if you visit in winter.

The skiing season lasts from October to March. The most popular places to ski in Switzerland are St. Moritz and Zermatt.

Explore Interlaken

aerial view of a city at the base of the mountains with a large bright blue lake on the left side

Set in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region, Interlaken is known as the adventure capital of Switzerland. This mountain resort town is a starting point for many hikes and adrenaline activities such as white water rafting, paragliding, and skydiving.

Get Lost in Nature in Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park is the only national park in the country. You can explore over 80 km of untouched nature, with many trails with different difficulty levels. Seeing wild animals is almost guaranteed, as they roam freely throughout the park.

If you’re not a confident hiker, you can join guided walks with an expert guide who will show you the best spots.

Snap a Photo at Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls, close to the German border, is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The waterfall is just 23m tall but so strong that you can get quite wet admiring it from the viewpoint.

You can take a boat to the tiny island in the middle or just walk around. The whole area is rather picturesque, with two castles on each side of the waterfall.

See the Matterhorn

Snowy mountain leading to a large mountain peak

Matterhorn could easily be the world’s most famous mountain top. You’ve probably already seen it on Swiss chocolate Toblerone, but seeing it in real life is one of the must-dos in Switzerland.

This pyramid-shaped mountain peak attracts hundreds of mountain climbers each year. However, it is one of the hardest mountains to climb, so admire it from a safe distance.

Road Trip Through the Country

Driving through Switzerland is one of the best driving experiences in the world. 

Switzerland is a rather compact country, and road-tripping is one of the best ways to explore it! You’re in for a scenic ride as you’ll get to drive past stunning lakes, glaciers, mountains, and valleys. 

The best part of a road trip is that you can stop at any moment to explore as you drive by the picturesque Swiss villages.

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Attempt a Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata trails are not for the light-hearted. These hiking routes are marked by metal rails embedded into the mountain, often very exposed. You need the proper Via Ferrata gear to ensure safety on the trail!

However, if you’re brave enough, it is definitely one of the most adventurous things to do in Switzerland. Murren to Gimmelwald Via Ferrata is the most popular one in Switzerland. It includes an 80 m-long suspension bridge!

Step Back in Time in Basel

European old town buildings on the edge of a river bed at sunset

Basel is Switzerland’s city of culture, home to 40 museums and a charming Old Town. One of the best things to do in Basel is to stroll the cobblestone streets of the Old Town and admire Swiss medieval buildings. Parts of Basel’s Old Town date back to the 15th century!

Explore Bern

The de facto capital of Switzerland, Bern is another must-stop on your Switzerland itinerary. This picturesque town was built following the river Aare flow, giving its Old Town its recognizable horseshoe shape. Despite being the country’s capital, it has a small-town charm and a slow-paced way of living. 

Bern is a walkable city, so put on comfortable shoes to explore the city center with its numerous little squares, picturesque streets, and arcade buildings.

Wander Around Geneva

Sitting on the southern tip of Lake Geneva, Geneva is best known as the global diplomacy and finance hub. While you can visit the UN headquarters, that’s not the only thing to do in this city. The city has a charming city center, centuries-old buildings, and plenty of lakeside activities.

And there you have it! A complete list of must-dos in Switzerland to consult when planning your Switzerland itinerary.

You will be spoilt for choice with all the unique things to do in Switzerland. From tasting delicious Swiss chocolate to scenic train rides through the mountains, what are you adding to your Switzerland bucket list?

Check out our Zurich + Lucerne vlog!

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