19 Most Instagrammable Spots in London in 2023

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London is one of the most-visited cities in the world for a reason. From its amazing cafes and restaurants to all the amazing things to do there, London really does have it all. Plus, there are so many Instagrammable spots in London!

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with a rich history and culture that make it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

For avid Instagrammers who want to get the perfect shot of their London vacation, there are some must-see attractions and iconic backdrops that will make your followers swoon. This blog post will explore some of the best Instagram spots in London – so let’s get started!

Below are some of the most Instagrammable spots in London.

Most Instagrammable Spots in London

Borough Market

Location: 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL

food on a table in borough market
image courtesy of Michelle from That Texas Couple

One of the hottest food markets in London, Borough Market, should also be on your list of the most Instagrammable places in London!  Borough Market has claimed a site next to the London Bridge for over 1000 years, making it the oldest market in the city of London and a great addition to your London itinerary.  

You will find Borough Market at 8 Southwark Street.  The market is open Monday-Friday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm (6:00 on Friday) and Saturday from 8:00 until 5:00 pm. 

You can easily get to Borough Market using any form of public transportation.  If taking the train, get off at the London Bridge stop.  If taking the Underground, the market is located next to the London Bridge station, which is served by both the Jubilee and Northern lines on the London underground. 

If choosing to travel by bus, then routes 43, 141, 149, 521 will drop you off at either the London Bridge or the Borough High Street stop. 

Borough Market is a mecca for foodies and photographers.  Here you can find spices, fresh-baked pastries, and incredible food booths serving up delicious specialties.  You can easily capture a photo of your favorite food or even yourself eating your favorite food. 

Borough Market has such a variety that you will easily find the perfect capture for your Instagram no matter what your focus is.  

Recommended by Michelle from That Texas Couple

Buckingham Palace

Location: Westminster, London SW1A 1AA

buckingham palace in london
image courtesy of Diana from Travels in Poland

As one of the most famous places to visit in London, Buckingham Palace is quite a wonder if you don’t know what to expect.  There are dozens of pictures of this famous palace, but you don’t really know the hype behind it until you are actually there. 

Buckingham Palace is very easy to get to on the London Tube as there are several tube stations close to the palace.  It’s great to get off right before the palace and walk a bit to really take in the grandiosity of the building itself. 

Walking to it from the side, you start to experience how ethereal it is when the large looming gates begin to pop out as you walk alongside it.  

The area right in front of the palace is made as a walkway for people, particularly around the fountain, but cars are still able to get through, so it’s best to be careful. 

Some of the best spots to get pictures are right in front of the fountain with both the palace and fountain in the background.  Standing in front of the gate, a photographer about 40-50 feet in front of the gate will capture most of the palace in the background.

Recommended by Diana from Travels in Poland

Camden Street Art

street art in camden
image courtesy of Rose from Where Goes Rose?

Without a doubt one of the most colourful and visually impressive places in London is Camden. There are plenty of reasons to visit this part of town from the hectic Camden market to the more relaxing canal banks.

However, if you’re looking for vibrant and photo-worthy things to do in North London, there are few better ways to pass the time than by exploring the Camden street art.

Some of it tells stories of disadvantaged communities like the Free West Papua mural on Castlehaven Road while a few impressive Amy Winehouse pieces pay homage to Camden’s most famous late resident. 

Other worthwhile locations for street art include Kentish Town Road, Hawley Road, Hawley Mews, Hawley Street, Bucket Street, and Bayham Street. Here you’ll see plenty of colourful murals showing everything from local residents to animals, fantasy images, and colourful cartoons.

You can sign up for organised tours or wander the art at your leisure finding the best bits as you go.

Recommended by Rose from Where Goes Rose?

Dolphin Statue

dolphin statue in front of the tower bridge
image courtesy of Anisa from Two Traveling Texans

Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world and it makes the perfect background for an Instagram shot. 

Located next to the Tower of London, it is a bascule bridge across the Thames that opened in 1894. It’s often mistakenly called London Bridge, which is a more simple bridge just to the west. The bridge looks pretty from every angle, but my favorite view is from the northeast side. 

In front of the Tower Hotel, on St Katharine’s Way, there is a dolphin statue.  It makes the perfect foreground interest for your shot.

The closest tube stop is Tower Hill, then it’s about a 10-minute walk around the Tower of London to the St. Katherine’s Dock area, where you can get the photo. 

If you want to get a closer look at the bridge, it is free and safe to walk across.  You can go inside the bridge towers for a fee.

Recommended by Anisa from Two Traveling Texans

EL&N Cafe

EL&N Cafe is easily one of the most picturesque cafes in London.  They have many locations throughout London, but each of their cafes is Instagram-worthy!  The theme at each place is pink and white, so you’re guaranteed to snap a fun colorful picture no matter what.

Before even entering, you will see their endless amount of florals decorated outside their cafes and once you walk in there is always more. Their Park Lane location has an adorable bike and be sure to look to the back to see their flowers are arranged in a heart.  One of the best places to get a picture of yourself with the flowers is in front of the heart – no one is in the way!

The food at EL&N also deserves a spot on your Instagram feed!  They have a variety of pink pastries on display when you walk in, along with their adorable espresso machine.  Between their Lucky Charms Latte and their Avocado Toast, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.  The food tastes great, but everything we ordered was displayed beautifully!

My best advice for taking a picture is to order a fun latte and place it in front of their many walls full of flowers.  It’s a great backdrop for your coffee!  This way, you get the food and the decorations all in one shot!

Recommended by Sam from S&A Getaway

neon signs in god's own junkyard
image courtesy of Caroline from CK Travels

God’s Own Junkyard

Location: Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St, Walthamstow, London E17 9HQ

An unassuming warehouse in a secluded industrial estate in Walthamstow is home to God’s Own Junkyard – an instagrammable paradise of thousands of colourful neon and lightbulb signs resembling a Las Vegas strip.

This unique public gallery is packed with some of the most original and unusual artworks and was started by Chris Bracey, an artist who became renowned for making strip joint signs in Soho, central London. The warehouse is also frequently used as a backdrop for many tv commercials and fashion photography shoots.

From a Jesus with a gun to large luscious lips, there are provocative and stimulating sculptures and lights to suit all tastes, along with an excellent soundtrack of 70s pop and rock music.

After walking around the installations, take a seat amongst all the objects and order a drink or snack from the onsite café and bar – The Rolling Scones. 

God’s Own Junkyard is open to the public for free on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It is total Instagram heaven but they request you don’t bring cameras, however, the use of mobile phones for photography is permitted. 

Recommended by Caroline from CK Travels

Greenwich Park

Location: Greenwich, London SE10 8QY

building in greenwich park
image courtesy of Amanda from Maroc Mama

Greenwich Park is located near the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and may be one of the most lovely spots for photographs, especially in springtime.

Not only do you get beautiful views of downtown London from the observatory hill but the park is full of cherry blossom trees bursting in pink flowers each spring.

To get here, you can take the DLR to Cutty Sark or Greenwich and walk up King William Walk. Do note the walk is uphill and quite steep. Bus routes 53, 54, 202, and 380 will also take you near the observatory if walking uphill is not your cup of tea.

There are a lot of cherry trees in the park all around the observatory however they are only in blossom during the spring, usually in April.

If you follow Blackheath Avenue from behind the observatory until you get to a straight sidewalk path you’ll find a cherry blossom tunnel!

Recommended by Amanda from Maroc Mama


gated entry in hampstead
image courtesy of Clotilde from A Princess Travelling With Twins

In the search for the perfect shot, a visit to Hampstead cannot be missed. The Hampstead neighbourhood is just north of the city centre, but only those 3 km will be enough to transport you into a different world.

As soon as you exit the tube station (Hampstead of course) you can lose yourself in the side streets and cannot help but doubt if you are still in London or in an English country village.

It’s difficult to select a single spot as the most photogenic, but Flask Walk is certainly one street that offers more ideas. Antique shops are flanked by charming florists, cafes, and of course the typical pub.

The ideal for a perfect photo is definitely to go in the morning when the shops start to open but there are still not too many people around.

A little further on, is another idyllic place, the Burgh house. A former private house is now used as a small museum with an adjoining coffee shop. The attached garden is small but reserves perfect corners for a photo that may have been taken a century ago.

Last but not least, a visit to London’s most unusual café, only 1 sqm in size, which finds its place inside a former iconic red telephone booth!

Recommended by Clotilde from A Princess Travelling With Twins

Holland Park

colorful garden in Holland Park
image courtesy of Amanda from The Boutique Adventurer

Location: Ilchester Pl, Kensington, London W8 6LU

Most visitors to London know of Holland Park as a stop on the Central tube line. However, very few tend to visit this beautiful park which is most beloved by locals.

Holland Park doesn’t receive the same amount of attention as Hyde or Richmond Park as it is considerably smaller. However, its beauty is more concentrated, and its stunning gardens are very Instagram-friendly.

There are several Instagram highlights in Holland Park. The first is the formal gardens near Holland House. These gardens are immaculately landscaped with very colourful flowers.

Next to the formal gardens are the Dutch Gardens. These are particularly impressive in the spring when they are filled with hundreds of colourful tulips.

Walk through the colourful colonnade to visit the Rose Garden next to the Orangery, and grab a snack. Then head to the most unique and photo-friendly area of Holland Park, its Japanese gardens.

The Kyoto Garden and the Fukushima Gardens have both been laid out in traditional Japanese style and are beautiful and soothing.

Holland Park is at its most beautiful in the spring, particularly when it is home to some of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in London.

Recommended by Amanda from The Boutique Adventurer

Hungerford and Golden Jubilee Bridges

Location: Charing Cross / Southbank, London, WC2N 5DJ

girl smiling in front of the london eye
image courtesy of Debbi from My Debstinations

Standing in the middle of Hungerford and Golden Jubilee Bridges (often called Charing Cross Bridge)  is a perfect photo opportunity with London Eye, Big Ben (and the Houses of Parliament), and Westminster Bridge. It’s ideal to go at sunset when you can get a spectacular backdrop of varying colours behind you.

The bridge is right near Embankment and Waterloo tube stations (depending on which side of the bridge you cross from), but try to avoid using transportation during peak hours (6-9 a.m. & 5-7 p.m.).

If possible, arrive early and spend time walking along the River Thames or through the Whitehall and Victoria Embankment Gardens. There are hundreds of attractions, dining options, and ways to entertain yourself while waiting for the perfect sunset photos. I also went for an evening ride in London Eye afterward, which I highly recommend!

This was originally opened in 1864 as Hungerford Bridge, then redesigned (and widened) in 2002 as Golden Jubilee Bridges (named in celebration of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee).

Recommended by Debbi from My Debstinations

Leadenhall Market

Location: Gracechurch St, Langbourn, London EC3V 1LT

man walking through leadenhall market
image courtesy of Maartje and Sebastiaan from The Orange Backpack

Leadenhall Market is one of the most beautiful attractions in London with its stunning historic architecture, characteristic roof, and green, red, and cream colors. The market hall might look familiar to you, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, as one of the London scenes in the first Potter film was shot here.

Leadenhall is one of the oldest markets in London, dating back to the fourteenth century. It became one of the first covered markets after the Great Fire had destroyed much of the old one. A monumental restoration back in the 90s brought the historic character of this photogenic place back.

The vaulted roof and Victorian vibe make Leadenhall one of the most instagrammable places in London. The best photo spots are at the main axes and the center where those two streets cross. The charming small passageways leading to the axes are great for closeups of historic details of the market hall.

The market hall is located in the heart of London, at Gracechurch Street in the City. It is close to other instagrammable spots like Sky Garden, the London Bridge, and Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden.

Recommended by Maartje and Sebastiaan from The Orange Backpack

Neal’s Yard

Location: Neal’s Yard Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9DP

brick building in neal's yard
image courtesy of Emma from The Hobby Traveller

Hidden away in a corner off of Covent Garden, Neal’s Yard has gained popularity over the last few years thanks to its Instagram potential.

Boldly coloured window frames pop out between wild bouts of greenery, creating a vibrant scene that could light up even the greyest of days. It’s not hard to see what attracts so many people to this London gem.

The brightly coloured storefronts make this courtyard a great spot for pictures. To secure a great shot, try and get there early so there are fewer people to dodge. It’s likely that plenty of other visitors will have the same idea as

you, though, so prepare to need to be patient if you want to get the perfect shot!

As well as being an amazing photo spot, Neal’s Yard is full of amazing independent stores and eateries. So, once you’ve taken your photos you can do some shopping and then grab a quick bite to eat, all within the space of a few meters!

If you’re lucky, you might be able to enjoy your food from a window seat looking out onto the beautiful courtyard.

Neal’s Yard is located around a 5-minute walk from Covent Garden underground station. The most common way to access the courtyard is through an alley leading off Monmouth Street. Take care – despite how vibrant the courtyard is once you’re inside, it is easy to walk right past the entrance!

Recommended by Emma from The Hobby Traveller

bookstore in london

Daunt Books

84 Marylebone High St, Marylebone, London W1U 4QW 

Daunt Books is a chain of independent bookshops in London but if you visit only one of their stores, let it be their Marylebone branch. This is an Edwardian bookshop in London with brightly-lit, long, wooden galleries that are often seen floating around on Instagram.

They stock a wide range of new books of every genre so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here but they boast a particularly good collection of English classics and also sell their iconic Daunt Books tote bag. 

In order to get the very best photos from inside here, you’ll want to head into the main gallery and up to the mezzanine level (where there are even more books!). From up here, you get an amazing shot of the length of the gallery including the bookshelves on the ground and mezzanine levels.

There are also beautiful bookish displays and flowers in the centre of the gallery and a stunning stained glass window at the end. Come here early if you want a shot without any bookish browsers! 

Recommended by Laura from What’s Hot?


girl smiling in front of street art in shoreditch
image courtesy of Chrissy from All About Castles

When you’re seeking the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram shot, head to Shoreditch in East London to snap some shots among the street art. This area is awash with epic murals and street art designs and the joy of it is that the pieces are always changing so you can go back time and time again for new pics.

Of course, one of the most famous works of street art in the area is the Banksy piece on Rivington Street showing a security guard and his pristinely-coiffed poodle! Other top locations include Toynbee Street, Heneage Street, and Brick Lane. These streets feature ever-changing artworks, with poignant pieces, color-pop designs, and murals featuring people and characters from popular culture.

While you’ll want to frame the pieces artfully if you’re going to post specific murals, some of the best shots of the area are taken from the end of the street during a quiet time of day, seeing the subject (aka you!) walking down the road flanked by street art.

Shoreditch can be easily reached by public transport, with buses and tubes running to Old Street (8 minutes from Shoreditch High Street) and Liverpool Street (9 minutes from Shoreditch High Street).

Old Street is located on the Northern line and Liverpool Street is on a variety of lines including Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City, and the Metropolitan line. It’s also on the London Overground and links to TfL rail services.

Recommended by Chrissy from All About Castles


Location: 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG

people eating in the pink sketch cafe
image courtesy of Kenny from Knycx Journeying

Located in Mayfair, Sketch is a Michelin-starred restaurant and possibly the most beautiful restaurant in London that serves not only delicious food and drinks but also music and art.

The restaurant has five different areas: The Gallery, the Parlour, the Glade, the Lecture room & Library, and the East Bar and Pods – each has its own theme and unique décor, serving meals at different times of the day.

The Lecture Room & Library is an elegant yet retro-looking dining hall serving lunch and dinner; the Gallery is a modern, pink European Gastro-Brasserie for afternoon tea; the Parlour is a classic lounge for breakfast and evening cocktails; The Glade, which is my favorite, is a colorful room that was fully painted with an enchanted fairy-tale forest, by artists Carolyn Quartermaine.

Diners are welcome to tour these rooms during their visit and each of these rooms have its own special instagrammable moment.

You will get at least six different Instagram pictures after your meal. Why six? Because you should at least get one in each room, and take a final one when you visit their bathroom, the futuristic capsules will surely get your follower’s eyeballs.

Recommended by Kenny from Knycx Journeying

Sky Garden

view from sky garden in london
image courtesy of Liliane from My Toronto, My World

Located in the famous Walkie Talkie Building (at 20 Fenchurch Street) you’ll find the free Sky Garden. To get here you’ll have to take the tube to Monument Station and then walk the 4 minutes to the building.

While it’s completely free to visit you do need to reserve your tickets in advance which you can do online. Make sure to book a couple of weeks in advance because it typically gets completely booked up!

There’s no time limit for how long you can stay at the Sky Garden, so take your time getting shots from all angles. While the view from the Sky Garden is easily one of the best views of London, the inside garden itself is also very photographic, so make sure to grab some shots of the garden from the top of the staircase.

You’ll be able to see some of the best landmarks from the platform, including The Shard, Tower Bridge, and London Tower. Make sure to put your lens right up to the glass to avoid reflections!

Recommended by Liliane from My Toronto, My World

St. James’s Park

peaceful park in london with the london eye
image courtesy of Stephanie from The World As I See It

London is an incredibly green city, with around 47% of it consisting of green space. So, if you’re looking for one of London’s top outdoor attractions that’s photogenic then head to St. James’s Park.

Located in the heart of London, St. James’s Park covers over 50 acres and is home to enchanting trails, a wealth of wildlife, including royal pelicans, and to its west sits Buckingham Palace. The nearest tube station is St. James’s Park station, which is located just south of the park.

But if you’re looking for the perfect instagrammable location in St. James’s Park, head over to the Blue Bridge, which is located in the middle of the park. Here, looking east, you’ll get the perfect backdrop of lush greenery, lake, as well as the buildings of Whitehall and the London Eye.

And if you time it just right, your photo may be graced with some of the beautiful birds that call the park home.

Recommended by Stephanie from The World As I See It

Tower Bridge

Location: Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2UP

up close shot of the tower bridge
image courtesy of Cath from Passports and Adventures

One of the most Instagrammable places in London has to be Tower Bridge. Sometimes mistakenly called the London Bridge (this is another bridge along the Thames), Tower Bridge is located beside the Tower of London on the north shore and close to the Shard and HMS Belfast on the south.

The easiest way to get to Tower Bridge is to take the Tube to either Tower Bridge via the Jubilee or Northern Lines, or Tower Hill using the District or Circle Lines. Thames Riverboats also serve piers on both sides of the river near the bridge.

Tower Bridge is Instagrammable from all angles and on both sides of the river. You can achieve great pictures from within the Tower of London should you be combining your visit to the Bridge with one to the Tower, both great places to visit when in London with kids, or without.

You can even photograph Tower Bridge from on board HMS Belfast, an old British Navy warship now docked at Queen’s Walk.

Tower Bridge looks great in any Instagram shot, whether it is day or night, and is one of the most iconic things to capture when photographing famous London landmarks.

Recommended by Cath from Passports and Adventures

Trafalgar Square

Location: Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DN

view of trafalgar square at sunset
image courtesy of Christina from Travel2Next

It’s not hard to spend hours photographing Trafalgar Square as the busy square in Central London has so much to see. One of the reasons it is a top place to take Instagram photos in London is because it’s compact, and you can fill your Instagram feed with lots of angles by taking photos without having to walk too far.

Named after the famous Battle of Trafalgar, it is home to a few famous London landmarks, such as Nelson’s Column, guarded by four lion statues, a stunning fountain, and surrounded by amazing architecture. You could fill your Instagram feed quickly.

Besides taking classic wide shots, try shooting close-ups of the statues from the foot of the stairs in front of the National Portrait Gallery. My tips are to arrive early in the morning before the crowds appear, as Trafalgar Square is a popular tourist spot for crowds to gather right in Central London or go at night for the twinkling lights. 

Use these hashtags #trafalgarsquare #london #uk #england.

The closest tube station is Charing Cross (take the Bakerloo or Northern lines), and the exit is right on Trafalgar Square.

Recommended by Christina from Travel2Next

Final Thoughts: Most Instagrammable Spots in London

Well, now you know all about where to get the best Instagram photo in London! Truly, this city is filled with spots to take a photo. Don’t be scared of wandering around different areas of the city; you never know what you might find!

Check out our vlog from our trip to London!

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