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14 Photo-Worthy Las Vegas Instagram Spots

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Las Vegas. The Entertainment Capital of the World. Famous for many places, events, gambling, and cameos in movies. You’ve heard all about it, and you want to prove you’ve been there with the most fabulous pictures worthy of the Fabulous Las Vegas.

Well, you’re in luck! With all that the city has to offer, Las Vegas Instagram spots are not hard to find.

Here’s a list so you can show the world, or at least Instagram, what Las Vegas has to offer.

Seven Magic Mountains

Colorful rocks piled up in the middle of a valley.

This piece of modern art sits in the midst of the vast desert, making the colors of the Seven Magic Mountains pop for an Instagram-worthy picture.

It’s a unique spot and will definitely call for a like when your followers see it, but there are some conditions you’ll want to keep in mind when taking pictures.

First, take the weather into consideration. The Nevada desert doesn’t often get too cold, but when that wind kicks up, it can be hard to want to do anything outside. Since this spot is outdoors, you’ll want to dress appropriately for the season.

And speaking of dress, to take your session with the Seven Magic Mountains to the next level, try coordinating your outfit with the color palate provided. Whether you want to make the art pop behind you by wearing the browns of the desert or contrasting their bright colors with your own, you can really step up the photo this way.

And finally, play around with plenty of poses and angles. From walking between the Magic Mountains to leaning up against them, there are plenty of ways to make the artwork for you.

New York, New York Hotel

Hotel that looks like the New York City skyline.

You can’t leave Las Vegas without experiencing the New York, New York Hotel. As the hotel itself is a small representation of the Big Apple, there are plenty of photo opportunities throughout the area.

This is one of the Las Vegas Instagram spots you’ll want to take advantage of angles and positions to get the right effect.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Sign that says Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada at night.

Possibly one of the most photographed sights in all of Vegas, the famed sign is of the best Las Vegas Instagram spots.

The rest of the world is also aware of this, and they will all want a picture at the sign as well. So to make sure you can get a picture of yourself and your family or friends in front of the sign, get there early before the crowds roll in.

If you are unable to get there earlier in the day, no worries! You will probably have to wait a while in line, but it will be worth it for the perfect photo.

There are no sanctioned photographers for the Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, but there are often photographers willing to take your photo for a fee. Other than that, you are on your own for a camera or a phone picture.

There is almost always someone you can get to take your picture though, so chances are good you won’t have to pull out your selfie skills at this stop.

Omega Mart

Omega Mart is becoming a Las Vegas Instagram spot staple in the last couple years.

I mean, how could you pass up taking a photo in a distorted grocery store with a quirky, monster-like creature?

There are more than enough things in this psychedelic experience to wander and take photos of, but to find the perfect Instagram photo spot does take a little bit of vetting. 

Since Omega Mart has become a fairly popular Instagram worthy place in Las Vegas, you have probably seen a few of the same photos from Omega Mart on your feed. Like I mentioned before, there are many cool things to take photos of and with, so just start shooting! Take a ton of pictures to find your favorite unique, mind-bending photo.

Another tip is to try and get your photos without any other visitors in the background, that will really step up the quality of your photos here.


Where should you travel next?

Valley of Fire State Park

To add photos of rivers of red and tan sandstone to your Instagram feed, you’ll need to take a detour from Vegas to Valley of Fire State Park.

The best time to get a picture here is in the morning before the Nevada heat becomes overwhelming and the light hits just right. If you can manage to get up for a sunrise picture, you won’t regret it.

To know what spots to be sure to get photos of, we wanted to provide you with a list of the best Instagram spots in the park.

Be sure to visit Mouse Tank Road for a mix of wilderness and urban. The Fire Wave will give you a photo of one of the most fascinating rock formations. And for our favorite spot in Valley of Fire, Pink Pastel Canyon. This spot is the representation of those smooth sandstone rivers I was talking about.

To make your photos here especially unique, bring a camera with a zoom lens. You’ll fit much more scenery in your photos that way.

Red Rock Canyon

Empty road leading through a valley of red rock mountains.

Red Rock Canyon is another sight near Las Vegas that nature lovers will adore and need photos of.

This natural wonder is only about 20 minutes from Las Vegas, so it is a more accessible option than the farther away Valley of Fire.

Red Rock Canyon has one 13-mile loop road that hits every viewpoint in the conservation area, so it makes for an easy trip to get great photos in a fairly short period of time.

Red Rock houses one of the most famous rock-climbing spots, the “Plumber’s Crack.” Even if rock climbing isn’t for you, the spot makes for a unique photo.

Like Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon can get pretty hot during the day, so an early morning trip to get your photos is the best bet.

The Venetian Las Vegas

Hotel that looks like parts of Venice by the water.

For a little bit of European flair on your feed without actually having to go to Europe, plan some time to take photos at the Venetian.

Whether you pose between the columns of the anciently imitated architecture or on the gondola ride, the Venetian is one of the best Instagram spots in Vegas.

Although this is a lovely sight at night, it is not the best for nighttime pictures, so come here during the day for elegant photos with great lighting.

Pictures posted of the Venetian are bound to set up your Instagram feed to another level. 

Arc de Triomphe at Paris Hotel

Paris hotel in Las Vegas with an Eiffel Tower lit up.

Now for an imitation of Paris, get a mix of a European landmark on a Las Vegas city street for a unique clashing of two worlds in one photo.

This is a great spot for walking photos or photos from a distance. This is a great stop to make while you are just walking around Las Vegas and want to get a few Instagram-worthy pictures along the way.

For one of the classic photo spots in Las Vegas, Arc de Triomphe will not lead you astray.

The Neon Museum

A culmination of the city’s history, where neon signs go to retire, the Neon Museum is a favorite Las Vegas Instagram spot.

With lots of different backdrops to choose from, you can get pretty creative with the photos you take here.

The museum admission is $20, and with basic admission, you are permitted to bring your phone. If you want to bring a camera and take more professional photos at any time, there is an additional $600 fee. To take photos at a designated hour with other photographers, it is only a $50 extra fee.

Whether you use your phone camera or your Canon, these photos scream Las Vegas and will look great on your feed.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Blue tree with a face inside an indoor garden.

If you want to add a seasonal flair to your posts, the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is where you should be headed next. 

With extravagant decor inspired by each changing season, the Bellagio is never quite the same from visit to visit. Meaning, chances are good your photos here are going to be unlike anyone else’s.

Come during the Christmas season to show you are really embracing the Christmas spirit.

The Tower Restaurant

Paris hotel with the eiffel tower lit up next to a balloon that says Paris.

So far, most of our photo spot suggestions have been with two feet firmly on the ground. For this one, we suggest you take to the sky for an excellent meal and an even better view.

The Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas’s Eiffel Tower offers one of the best views of the city with lots of windows so you and your dinner date can get a picture of the view. 

Bellagio Fountains

Aerial view of a fountain show lit up and the Vegas skyline.

Another iconic Las Vegas Instagram spot you will need to visit while in the city are the Bellagio Fountains.

To take pictures of the unparalleled light and fountain show during the day is a pretty simple process, with no special equipment required. 

To really capture the show at night takes a little more preparation. You’ll want to use a more professional camera with a wide-angle lens, and a tripod can’t hurt.

Either way, whether it’s on a phone or a camera, this free entertainment is something you will want to capture. 

Lobby at The Venetian

We have already established that you need to be taking photos outside of the Venetian, but just wait until you walk into the lobby.

The decadent artwork reflects off of the polished floor while gold columns and walls shine from the lightning. You’ll want some ritzy pictures in this lobby to show off the high-end side of Vegas.

So dress up in your best attire and head to one of the best Las Vegas Instagram spots, the Venetian lobby.

The Trevi Fountains at The Forum Shops

The Trevi Fountain is another Italian beauty you can visit right here in our very own Las Vegas.

The intricate architecture of the fountain doesn’t call for a lot of pomp in your poses, but snapping some walking-by, sitting-down, and standing-up photos can never hurt.

And this photo spot in Las Vegas has another perk. Throw a coin in and make a wish; maybe it will come true!

Well, there you have it – all of the best Las Vegas Instagram spots. Don’t forget to come up with a catchy caption!

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