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11 Best Copenhagen Photo Spots: A Guide to Capturing the Beauty of Denmark’s Capital

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Looking for the best Copenhagen photo spots? You’re in the right place!

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most photogenic cities. With its charming medieval streets, colorful waterfront neighborhoods, and sleek Scandinavian design, there’s no shortage of great photo opportunities in the Danish capital.

As a photographer and frequent visitor to Copenhagen, I’ve explored the city extensively to discover the best places to take photos. From iconic landmarks to hidden local gems, this guide covers the top Copenhagen photo spots you need to visit.

Whether you’re a travel photographer looking for inspiring urban scenes or simply want to capture great memories of your trip, read on for the ultimate list of where to take the best photos in Copenhagen.

At a Glance: Best Copenhagen Photo Spots

Copenhagen Photo Spots

Nyhavn: Copenhagen’s Postcard-Perfect Harbor

People walking along a colorful street in Copenhagen.

No list of Copenhagen photo locations is complete without the city’s most famous and picturesque street: Nyhavn. This quaint, colorful harbor is undoubtedly one of the best places to take photos in Copenhagen.

Nyhavn features a canal lined with 17th-century townhouses painted in bright, vibrant hues. With wooden ships docked in the harbor and café umbrellas lining the cobblestone walkway, it’s the quintessential shot of Copenhagen.

Aim to visit Nyhavn in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft for great photos.

Position yourself across the canal on the opposite pier to photograph the row of colorful townhouses head-on. You can also walk along the harbor to capture shots looking up and down the lively canal.

Don’t leave without getting the iconic shot of Copenhagen from the bridge at the mouth of Nyhavn. Make sure to time this for sunrise or sunset when you can capture the gorgeous glow reflecting off the colorful houses.

After photographing the scenic harbor, enjoy fun things to do in Copenhagen like grabbing a waterfront meal or canal tour departing right from Nyhavn.

The Little Mermaid Statue: An Iconic Copenhagen Landmark

Possibly Copenhagen’s most famous landmark, no trip to the city is complete without a visit to The Little Mermaid statue.

Depicting the famous character from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, this bronze statue has been gazing out to sea from her perch on the rocky harbor since 1913.

The Little Mermaid is photographed millions of times per year, so arriving early in the morning will give you the best chance to take photos free of crowds.

Experiment with different angles, including close-ups of her face, as well as wide shots capturing the Copenhagen skyline behind her.

For a unique photo opportunity, time your visit to photograph The Little Mermaid at sunrise. Seeing the soft orange glow behind this iconic sculpture makes for an unforgettable shot.

TIP: The rocks surrounding the statue can be slippery, so take care when approaching the water’s edge to photograph this famous Copenhagen landmark.

Kastellet: An Elegant 17th-Century Citadel

Red windmill under a blue sky.

On the edge of Copenhagen’s city center lies one of the best-preserved fortresses in Europe, the elegant Kastellet.

The citadel was commissioned by King Christian IV in the 1600s, designed in a beautiful Dutch Baroque style, complete with moats, earthworks, and regal copper-roofed buildings.

Kastellet makes for a fabulous photo location away from the tourist crowds. Capture shots of the photogenic windmill overlooking the grassy ramparts, curved arches reflected in the moat, and the charming church spire rising above the fortress walls.

People walking surrounded by tall red fortress buildings.

Time your visit to Kastellet for the atmospheric hour just before sunset. The soft golden light illuminates the refined, symmetrical architecture and creates a dreamy fairytale vibe. 

Bring along a tripod to photograph the shimmering moat water and passing swans. Kastellet is truly a hidden gem for photography in Copenhagen.

Frederiksburg Castle: An Enchanting Hilltop Palace

Brick building with a green roof

On the outskirts of Copenhagen lies the magnificent 17th-century Frederiksburg Castle. Perched atop a hill within Frederiksburg Park, the sprawling Baroque palace and gardens are straight from a storybook scene.

Don’t miss the iconic view looking up the central canal towards the palace on approach. But be sure to photograph the estate from multiple vantage points within the grounds. 

Stroll down the tree-lined avenues radiating outward from the main palace. And capture romantic views looking back towards Frederiksburg’s copper domes rising above the lush greenery.

For enchanting views, head into the palace’s manicured baroque gardens. Photograph the pristine hedges, statues, and fountains from the royal viewpoint of the privileged few who once lived here.

Frederiksburg Castle provides a magical escape into the countryside, perfect for dreamlike photography.

Strøget: Copenhagen’s Bustling Pedestrian Street

Colorful buildings in Copenhagen

To capture quintessential scenes of local life in Copenhagen, head to the busy pedestrian street of Strøget. Running through the core of the city, this vibrant thoroughfare hums with a constant flurry of activity from morning to night.

Capture candids of street performers, shoppers laden with bags, and cyclists whizzing by. Move to wide shots to place subjects within the surrounding facades, street art, and historic architecture along Strøget’s path.

For more intimacy, find a bustling cafe terrace along the street to photograph from and snap away as the action unfolds around you. Remember to ask permission before taking close-up portraits.

With so many photogenic moments happening every minute, Strøget is one of the best spots in Copenhagen to hone your street photography skills!

Church of Our Saviour: Panoramas with a View

Tall brick building under a blue sky

Soaring above the Christianshavn district, the spiraling Baroque spire of the Church of Our Saviour dominates the Copenhagen skyline. For unbeatable cityscapes, make the climb to the top – but be prepared for the 400 winding steps!

The panoramic views from the spire look out over the red rooftops of Christianshavn and the colorful harbor below. Photographs capture both wide cityscapes, as well as downward perspectives of the church façade and streets surrounding below your feet.

For a unique perspective, try photographing the church through the spiral construction of its own spire as you descend. This vantage point really highlights the engineering marvel of the Church of Our Saviour rising dramatically towards the heavens.

Freetown Christiania: A Hippie Commune Turned Bohemian Neighborhood

People sitting on stairs in front of a wall with street art

For a completely unique photography subject, visit the semi-autonomous neighborhood of Christiania.

This self-proclaimed “freetown” is a former military base taken over by squatters in the 1970s seeking an alternative communal living environment.

Wandering the car-free streets of Christiania reveals an utterly distinctive hippie-era time capsule. Capture the bohemian vibes through impromptu street scenes of locals, creative DIY home constructions, graffiti-covered buildings, and weed-peddling stalls.

While photographing this unusual community, be sure to remain respectful of the private residents who call Christiania home. Ask permission before taking portraits, especially of children. 

For stunning cityscape shots, head to the far edge of Christiania known as Prinsessegade to photograph back towards downtown Copenhagen.

Superkilen Urban Park: A Burst of Color and Diversity

People walking around on pavement with white lines

Conceived by architects Bjarke Ingels and Julien de Smedt, Superkilen is one of Copenhagen’s quirkiest photography hot spots. 

This sprawling urban park features objects sourced from around 60 different nations, creating a mosaic of global diversity right in the center of Copenhagen.

The result is a photographic treasure trove, bursting with pops of color, cultural symbols, and intriguing objects from palm trees to neon signs. Different zones include Red Square, Black Market, and Green Park, which all live up to their colorful names.

Experiment with composition to frame the landscape’s visual details. Try photographing down the lush palm tree-lined pathways, close-ups of the cultural installations, and wide shots capturing Superkilen’s tapestry of diversity.

Oresund Bridge: Gateway Between Two Countries

Looking to capture a unique perspective of Copenhagen? Go off-shore to see the skyline framed by the monumental Oresund Bridge.

At 8km long, this engineering marvel links Denmark and Sweden by road and rail. Hop on a local boat tour and head under the bridge to photograph its towering white cables glowing in the sun, with Copenhagen’s colorful waterfront district as the backdrop.

Photographing the bridge at dusk provides an exceptional opportunity for a silhouette shot, with the city lights beginning to sparkle behind it.

You can also capture the Oresund at daybreak against cotton candy skies for an unforgettable image. Just be prepared for chilly conditions out on the open water!

Vibrant Street Art Throughout Copenhagen

Beyond its photogenic landmarks and scenery, Copenhagen also offers incredible possibilities for street photography. As a hub for creative talent, the city streets burst with colorful street art just waiting to be captured.

Some top areas to spot amazing graffiti and murals include Freetown Christiania, Nørrebro, and the Meatpacking District. Head down alleyways and small streets off the main thoroughfares to find hidden street art gems.

Venture further north to the hipster enclave of Jægersborggade to find endless creative photo ops down this funky stretch. Keep your eyes peeled on building facades, doorways, and even electricity boxes splashed in vibrant paint.

Bonus Neighborhoods: Vesterbro and Nørrebro

Street art with brick apartment building behind

Beyond the city center, Copenhagen’s trendy Vesterbro and Nørrebro neighborhoods provide endless lifestyle photo opportunities.

Photographing the indie boutiques, art galleries, and overflowing sidewalk cafes around trendy Værnedamsvej encapsulates Copenhagen’s bohemian side.

While the multi-cultural streets of Nørrebro offer dynamic shots of local street life in its bustling bazaar.

Food sitting on a table with people walking around behind

Capture candids of daily scenes like children playing, colorful markets, and winding bike lanes throughout these vibrant districts. Absorb their eclectic personalities into compelling neighborhood portraits through your lens.

As Copenhagen’s most photogenic boroughs away from the standard landmarks, Vesterbro and Nørrebro are well worth adding to your photography itinerary.

Tips for Amazing Photos in Copenhagen

Now that you know the top spots, here are some key photography tips for making the most of your Copenhagen picture-taking:

  • Schedule your shoot during Copenhagen’s extended golden hours. Long summer sunsets (as late as 11pm!) provide great soft light. While blue hour at sunrise captures the city waking up.
  • Rise early to beat the crowds at popular sights like Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid statue. Have some sites to yourself in the peaceful morning light.
  • Use a tripod and neutral density filters for long exposures of Copenhagen’s water views and clouds moving above landmarks.
  • Add a sense of scale by including locals, bikes, cars, or boats in the foreground of architecture and landscape shots.
  • Pack warm clothing layers if shooting at sunrise, sunset, or near water. And have a light rain jacket on your Copenhagen packing list for the frequent showers.
  • Consider renting specialized gear locally to try before buying. Or join a Danish photographer for personalized guidance and ideas.

Discover Your Own Copenhagen Photo Spots

Part of the joy of travel photography is stumbling upon your own undiscovered gems. Now armed with insider knowledge of prime Copenhagen photo spots and techniques, you’re ready to start creating your own visual memoir.

Remember to wander those side streets, chat with some locals, and just embrace serendipitous moments as they unfold. Keep your camera ready, and let Copenhagen become your own personal canvas through the lens!

Copenhagen Photo Spots: FAQs

Where are the best places to photograph in Copenhagen?

Some of the top spots include Nyhavn harbor, The Little Mermaid statue, Amalienborg and Christiansborg Palaces, the colorful houses of Indre By, Rosenborg Castle, the Black Diamond library, and Superkilen urban park.

What is the best time of day for photography in Copenhagen?

Take advantage of Copenhagen’s long golden hours by shooting at sunrise or sunset. Alternatively, visit sights early to beat the crowds and capture the city waking up in peaceful morning light.

What photography gear do I need in Copenhagen?

Bring layers for changing weather, tripod for long exposures, wide angle lens to capture architecture and landscapes, ND filters for water shots, and a zoom lens for flexibility.

Are there photography rules or licenses needed in Copenhagen?

Generally, no special license is required and photography is allowed at most public sites. As always, respect locals’ privacy and ask permission before photographing people up close.

Where can I find colorful street art and graffiti in Copenhagen?

Top spots for vibrant urban photography include Christiania, Meatpacking District, Nørrebro, Vesterbro, and Jægersborggade. Keep your eyes peeled wandering any neighborhood!

Should I join a photo tour or rent specialized gear in Copenhagen?

Yes, tours and rentals are great for local insight, trying new gear, and gaining access to rooftops or private courtyards you couldn’t otherwise photograph.

What style of photography matches Copenhagen’s vibe?

Street scenes, candid city life, long exposures of waterfronts, and creative architectural compositions suit Copenhagen’s urban energy and Scandinavian aesthetic.

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