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12 Best Spots for Glamping Near Zion National Park

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So you want to enjoy the beauty of Zion National Park, but don’t want to wake up on the ground in a tent? We get it, and we want to help you find the right accommodation for you. Glamping near Zion National Park is some of the best and will bring your visit to a new level.

A long day exploring Zion should be rewarded with a nice place to lay your head at the end of the day.

Keep reading to learn about where to go glamping near Zion National Park!

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Editor’s Pick: Best Glamping Near Zion National Park

🏆 Under Canvas Zion is our top choice for Zion National Park glamping. With free parking, breakfast, and on-site restaurant, this upscale glamping experience will leave rent-free in your mind years after your stay.

Glamping Near Zion National Park

Under Canvas Zion

⭐️ Rating: 8.7 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, breakfast, on-site restaurant | ⛺ Book now

Under Canvas Zion is an award-winning resort that you will want to consider for glamping near Zion National Park.

This is an upscale camping experience, with the tent feel but with alllll the amenities. There are six different types for you to choose from to best accommodate you and your family/spouse/friends.

Each tent includes organic bath products, a fire pit, complementary s’mores, USB battery packs, and beautiful furniture to relax on. The resort itself has on-site dining as well as complementary activities, like morning yoga, live music, and even activities for kids.

Tents average around $400-$500 a night and are generally a little more expensive on the weekends. If you book months in advance, you could bring that price down closer to $300.

Under Canvas Zion is about a 30-minute drive from the park, so after witnessing a stunning Zion sunset, you can head back to your tent for some complementary s’mores and a good night’s sleep.

Three tall rocks jutting into the sky surrounded by lush greenery.

Zion Ponderosa

⭐️ Rating: 8.6 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, outdoor pool, free wifi, spa, room service | ⛺ Book now

Zion Ponderosa is a tried and true glamping spot on the upper-east side of Zion National Park.

This site has glamping tents or cabins available for rent. In fact, you have about 30 different lodging options to choose from, including a stay in a covered wagon. Whether you’re staying in a tent or cabin, you have access to a coin-op washer and dryer, a shower house, a picnic table and grill, wifi, heaters, and electricity.

Zion Ponderosa has a two-night stay policy, but if you need just one night, then you can contact them, and they may be able to make an exception for you.

The nightly price is pretty variable because of the number of lodgings available. Basic camping starts at $34 a night, and the most extravagant cabins can go up to over $1000 a night. The average for the smaller cabins range from $150 to $400.

Along with a multitude of places to stay, Zion Ponderosa offers more than a handful of guided and unguided adventures you can embark on. These include canyoneering, horseback riding, hiking, paintball, a shooting range, a bungee trampoline, VR, a pool, mini golf, and more.

This resort is under 45 minutes from the park. Remember this glamping location when you’re planning your next family reunion.

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    Zion Glamping Adventures

    ⭐️ Rating: 8.9 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, free wifi, breakfast, room service | ⛺ Book now

    You and your partner will love this Zion National Park glamping resort. Zion Glamping Adventures have 21 bell tents available for rent, and all 21 are perfect for a romantic getaway.

    Visitors will have access to a 24-hour check-in, AC, a bathhouse, BBQ facilities, a picnic area, and more.

    There are a couple of different tent options you can choose from with different sizes. Some have AC and heating, and some align with a more traditional camping experience. But not to worry, all have a plush bed you will love to fall in after a long day of exploring and driving 45 minutes back from Zion National Park.

     It’s also perfect to just stay in bed all day, surrounded by the beautiful southern Utah scenery.

    Zion Glamping Adventures offers a unique glamping experience staying in a rock cabin. For $800 a night, you can sleep in a cave nestled in the base of the mountain. You’ll be secluded, with a private bathroom, queen bed, AC, heater, jacuzzi (in a rock, of course), and complimentary breakfast. Sounds like a good investment to me.

    But we know $800 can be pretty expensive, so no worries! They also offer deluxe tents for $150 a night as well if that is your preference.

    Giant rock with greenery growing off it with another rock behind it.

    Zion Wildflower

    ⭐️ Rating: 8.9 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, breakfast, free wifi, room service | ⛺ Book now

    Zion Wildflower is truly glamping near Zion National Park. You can find this upcoming resort just 15 minutes outside the park entrance.

    This resort offers bathhouses, fire pits, a pool and spa, grills, and a playground. There are also plenty of activities to engage in as well. They provide bicycles, yoga, cornhole, ping pong, movie nights, complimentary wifi, and more.

    There are 4 different rooms to choose from, 2 different kinds of tents, covered wagons, and the quaint bungalows. Each of them is instagrammable and the perfect mix between luxury and the wild. The prices average around $250-$300 a night and can reach up to around $600 for center accommodations.

    Zion Wildflower is perfect for couples, families, or groups of friends. With so many activities on site and being so close to Zion, you will have no shortage of things to do and plenty of time to relax.

    Zion View Camping

    ⭐️ Rating: 8.7 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, free wifi | ⛺ Book now

    Located in an unreal location, Zion View Camping is for those looking to go glamping near Zion National Park affordably and still fill their trip with tons of adventure.

    This resort offers their guests free s’more materials, and everything you’d need to cook them, as well as everything you’ll need to grill the classic camping special: hot dogs and hamburgers.

    Zion View Camping keeps it simple with only 3 different tent options available and the option to stay in a covered wagon. With options of 2-4 guests, these tents will comfortably fit your family at the lowest price starting at $99 and the highest at $159.

    This location is about an hour away from Zion National Park, and there is plenty to do inside the resort as well as around it. Contact them to see what activities are provided there!

    Stone sign that says "Zion National Park."

    Zion White Bison Resort

    ⭐️ Rating: 8.7 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, free wifi | ⛺ Book now

    Zion White Bison Resort is a truly unique place for glamping in Utah national parks.

    Modeled off Indigenous dwellings, you can choose to stay in a tipi, a cliff dwelling, a covered wagon, or just bring your RV to join in the fun.

    Each unit has a fire pit, a BBQ, heating and AC, free wifi, and private bathrooms. There are some units with hot tubs and some where pets are allowed in. There is an outdoor cooking area available for visitor use that has everything you need to cook meals for your family during your stay.

    The covered wagons average about $250 a night, and the tipis and cliff dwellings average about $500 a night.

    This site is located 25 minutes outside of Zion National Park.

    Open Sky Resort

    ⭐️ Rating: 10 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Private bathroom, free wifi, welcome basket, air conditioning | ⛺ Book now

    Open Sky Resort will provide you with a hotel level of luxury in a beautiful wild location.

    With more amenities to count, you’ll be more than taken care of here. Each campsite has a private bathroom, bath products, heating and AC, and free wifi. There’s also daily housekeeping and even a welcome basket with snacks.

     If you want to do your own cooking, there is a mini fridge and microwave you can utilize, but be sure to take advantage of the onsite dining called The Elements at Open Sky.

    There are six camps to choose from, each with its own unique amenities so you can have the peak luxury experience you choose. Camp nightly prices start around $400, and the most expensive ones are around $850.

    This resort is located about 30 minutes from Zion National Park, so after you hike the famed Angel’s Landing, you can come back to camp for some well-earned fine dining and relaxation.

    Landscape of large rocky mountains and a green pasture under a blue sky.

    Base Camp 37

    ⭐️ Rating: 9.7 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Family rooms, tea/coffee maker | ⛺ Book now

    Base Camp 37 is a small, women-owned business that opened up in 2017. This exclusive and secluded resort has only five tents on the property located 8 miles outside of Kanab, Utah, which is just over an hour from Zion National Park.

    By booking one of Base Camp 37’s five tents, you’ll have access to a memory foam king-size bed, washrooms with hot showers, and community amenities with an indoor and outdoor kitchen, refrigerators, and storage space.

    In the winter, there are heating measures available to make your stay comfortable at any time of year.

    The tents start at a $190-195 nightly fee and accommodate from 2-3 people each.

    If you’re looking for a secluded but connected resort and to support a women-owned business while glamping near Zion National Park, Base Camp 37 is the spot for you.

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      Zion Cozy Cabins

      ⭐️ Rating: 7 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, outdoor swimming pool | ⛺ Book now

      Zion Cozy Cabins is located in Hildale, Utah, and is about an hour away from Zion. If you’re looking to get away from the canvas tent accommodation, you’ll want to look into these cabins.

      The cabins are, just as the name suggests, cozy and comfortable. The cabins offer a mini fridge, a coffee pot, a bathroom with a shower and towels, and an AC unit. It’s a great base to come back to after exploring the Utah landscape around you.

      River splitting through a canyon under a blue sky.

      Wander Camp

      Amenities: Fire pit, picnic tables | ⛺ Book now

      Wander Camp is the epitome of Zion luxury camping.

      There are four different tent options you can choose from to tailor your stay to precisely what you need. If you’re traveling with your spouse, kids, or friends, there is a tent that will be perfect for you.

      In this resort, you have access to solar-powered lanterns, bathroom facilities with showers and flushing toilets, picnic tables, and a fire pit. This is a popular spot for stargazing and bigger events like weddings and retreats.

      Affordable but charming, you can rent these tents starting at $88 per night. With an hour’s drive to Zion, you’ll be able to live out your glamping dreams at a great price.

      Zion Tiny Oasis

      ⭐️ Rating: 9.6 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Free parking, free wifi | ⛺ Book now

      For all those who would love just to give it all up and escape to a tiny home in the middle of nowhere, here’s your chance! Zion Tiny Oasis offers tiny homes, each with their own unique personality, so you can experience Southern Utah in a brand new way.

      You can make it from the park to Zion Tiny Oasis in just under 30 minutes, and you’ll be just as excited to see your tiny home as you are to explore Zion.

      Each home has a BBQ, fire pit, gazebo, and hot tub. They’re also all connected to wifi, electricity, water, and sewer.

      You can choose to stay in a home that screams cottagecore to a sleek modern home to a rustic cabin. Pick which one will suit you and your family best! The nightly fee is $450-$500 on average.

      Cars parked in a parking lot with a large rocky mountain behind the parking lot.

      East Zion Resort

      ⭐️ Rating: 10 out of 10 | ✅ Amenities: Pool, hot tub, fire pits, grills | ⛺ Book now

      For our final suggestion, East Zion Resort offers a freshly modern glamping experience.

      This resort is located just under an hour to the east of Zion National Park.

      There are multiple different ways to experience the top-notch lodging at East Zion Resort. There are glamping tents, tiny houses, yurts, and even treehouses you can stay in. If you need accommodation for a large group of people, you can rent the lodge for 30-35 people to stay in.

      Each of these is fully modernized and will have everything you need for a comfortable stay in the Utah wilderness.

      The nightly rates average about $130 per night, and renting the lode starts at $399 per night.

      The resort has fire pits and grills for use. After a long day exploring Zion, you can take a dip in the pool or hot tub for some extra relaxation.

      As you can see, there are plenty of excellent choices for glamping near Zion National Park. With this many choices, you can pick your level of glam and the level of camping you’ll want for your trip.

      So start planning! Reservations will start filling up fast as the busy season approaches, and we want to make sure you get the best glamping trip you could dream of.

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