11 Can’t-Miss Hot Springs in Utah to Visit in 2023

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If you know anything about Utah, then you’ve probably seen pictures of Zion’s Angel’s Landing, the Narrows, and Arches National Park, but did you know that Utah boasts a treasure trove of hot springs as well?

From the red sandstone formations in Moab to the tree-lined walls of Bryce Canyon, there’s something to see in pretty much every part of the state. And now you know about the best part- hot springs can be found from north to south in Utah.

Let’s go find your ideal spring so you can take your next trip to Utah to the next level. Get ready for relaxation at its peak!

Hot Springs in Utah

Crystal Hot Springs

Starting at the top of the state, the first on our list is a family-friendly mineral hot spring just outside of Brigham City. 

Open year-round, Crystal Hot Springs has a variety of pools and options for any visitor at any time of year.

With an entry ticket of $18, you get access to three hot tubs filled with water of the highest mineral content in the United States, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a soaker pool, a lap pool, and not only one but two 360-foot water slides.

Crystal Hot Springs is unique because it gets its water from both a hot and a cold spring situated 50 feet apart. 

Come relax in the perfect temperature of the water, and come at night to see the pools lit up!

Diamond Fork Hot Springs

two people lying in hot springs surrounded by snow

Now if you’re looking for a spring a little further off the beaten path, Diamond Fork Hot Springs has got you covered.

An hour away from Salt Lake City, you’ll find the Diamond Fork Hot Springs Trail, and after a quick 2.5-mile hike, you’ve made it. This path is normally devoid of snow, so it’s accessible in the wintertime as well.

If you can’t decide if hiking a bit to your destination is worth it, then let me tell you about the multiple pools filled with deeply piercing blue water and the forested vistas of the surrounding canyon. 

Oh, now you’re on board? That’s what I thought.

You’ll know you’ve made it when you see the series of soaking pools, and let me tell you, you are not going to want to wait for another second to hop in. 

Horseshoe Springs

blue hot spring in a large field

I know you’re not expecting one of these stunning hot springs to be in the middle of the Utah desert, but I’m here to tell you just that.

Horseshoe Springs is located in Skull Valley, Utah. Ominous, I know, but I’m sure you won’t feel that way once you’re relaxing in the 70-degree water.

Named for its ‘U’ shape, Horseshoe Warm Springs is a beautiful out-of-the-way location, so chances are you’ll get to enjoy it and have it all to yourself.

 Since you are far from any services, be sure to bring your own snacks and that you’ve got a full tank of gas.

Mystic Hot Springs

hot spring in an old tub in the desert

The name of this one speaks for itself: Mystic Hot Springs.

This truly mystical hot spring is surrounded by colorful rocks and miles of the unique Utah landscape.

In the ‘90s, Mike Ginsburg stumbled upon this natural sauna near Monroe, Utah, and has made it his mission to make it a life-changing experience for all who visit ever since.

For adults, you can access the sooking pools for $25. Children get in at $12.50.

You can spend multiple days here and camp or stay in some refurbished cabins and more.

As Ginsburg has a hand in the music industry, there are often live concerts played right over the hot springs. 

Tell me how it gets better than sitting in a warm, soaking pool listening to live music. 

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    Homestead Crater Hot Springs

    Midway, Utah, offers visitors one of the most unique experiences they will have in their lifetime. If I can suggest any of the hot springs in Utah, it would be this one.

    Hidden by a 55-foot tall limestone rock, a geothermal hot spring bubbles to life beneath the ground.

    Homestead Crater Hot Springs is the only warm scuba diving location in the mainland United States. There are options to scuba dive, snorkel, swim, or take a paddleboard yoga class right on the water.

    But if scuba diving isn’t your thing, you don’t even have to worry about getting in the water. 

    You can simply take a tour of the crater and witness living history, learn about the processes that created the spring, and what keeps it going today right inside the walls.

    Meadow Hot Springs

    clear blue hot springs with the mountains behind

    Next on the list of hot springs in Utah is another uniquely charming destination, Meadow Hot Springs.

    Characterized by its stark, crystal clear 100-degree water, this hot spring can be found just south of Fillmore in central Utah. 

    There are three good-sized soaking pools you can use at your leisure after walking a brief half mile to find them.

    Before or after your soak, the pools are also open for fishing, so don’t forget to bring your rod and see if you’ll get lucky.

    This hot spring is on private property, so be sure to read the signs and take care of the area while visiting! 

    Gandy Warm Springs

    If you’re traveling near the Utah-Nevada border and are just praying to find an oasis in the seemingly endless desert, do I have news for you!

    Gandy Warm Springs is a beautiful stop that will make you feel like you’ve escaped to an exotic island.

    The enticing water stays around 80 degrees and cascades in little waterfalls from down Spring Mountain. In fact, this spring produces about 9000 gallons of water every minute, so there is no need to worry about a shortage here.

    In addition to the alluring pools, the scenery surrounding them is almost as beautiful. See if you can find the tiny water snails hiding in the plant life.

    Baker Hot Springs

    Baker Springs is also located on the western side of the state and also contains another 3 pools full of hot water you can dip into.

    This is a great hot spring to enjoy with a large group of people; several people can fit in each tub!

    Unlike many of the other springs in Utah, the water here is extremely hot and needs to be cooled before being used. You can do this easily by walking a little way to the source of the springs.

    The locals in Delta, Utah, take it upon themselves to keep this natural spring clean and ready for visitors. Please keep this in mind while visiting, and be sure to pick up all your trash!

    Red Hill Hot Springs

    Relaxing in a hot spring surrounded by vibrant red sandstone sounds like an unreal experience, and you can see it for yourself at Red Hill Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah. 

    Steam dances on the red rocks that outline the four pools available for soaking. The pool closest to the water source is the warmest, and each one is cooler the farther away they are from the source.

    Unlike Baker Hot Springs, these pools are fairly small, so expect to get even friendlier with your friends while soaking in these pools.

    If you visit Red Hill Hot Springs, you can find a few restaurants and gas stations to supply you with what you need but don’t be afraid to pack a lunch and spend a day in this charming spring. 

    Inlet Park Hot Springs

    Visiting Utah Lake and want to relax in a hot spring? Inlet Park Hot Springs is the perfect rest stop after a day at the lake.

    These pools stay around a temperature of 109 degrees, and you can lounge in any of the three. The main pool connects to two smaller ones, but I would suggest staying in the main one as the other two are slightly muddier.

    Although camping is not available at this location, you can spend all day here. The park is dog friendly and equipped with public bathrooms.

    Out of the hot springs in Utah, this one is easily accessible and great for college students in the surrounding areas!

    Ogden Hot Springs

    hot spring next to a blue river

    Near the opening of Ogden Canyon, you will stumble upon a series of pools with the perfect temperature of water enclosed by the walls of the canyon.

    Naturally, warm water flows down the wall of the canyon in a waterfall to create these ever-flowing pools just asking to be sat in.

    This site is free to all and family-friendly during the day! It is suggested that you avoid the spring at night to steer clear of criminal activity, but visiting during the day is perfectly safe.

    So bring your kids or your friends and relish in the enchanting beauty of Northern Utah.

    Now that you know of the best hot springs in Utah, all that’s left to do is show up and allow the soothing water to lighten your load. 

    I promise you won’t regret visiting these sensational sights, but don’t just take my word for it. We hope to see you there!

    Don’t forget to keep these treasured natural saunas clean and protected so visitors can keep enjoying them for years to come.

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