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Brunch in Denver: 9 Can’t-Miss Denver Brunch Spots

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Believe it or not, but there are many incredible spots to find brunch in Denver. No matter what type of brunch you’re in the mood for, this post about top Denver brunch spots has got you covered.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn all about where to go to find bottomless mimosas, the best french toast, classic biscuits, and more. You’re in for a real treat, and some of the spots on this list are hidden gems or are incredibly Instagram-worthy.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn all about the top spots for brunch in Denver!

Bacon Social House

strips of greasy bacon

Location: 2160 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Bacon Social House is easily one of the best brunch places in Denver. They have a location on S Broadway and Sunnyside, but they also have another location nearby in Littleton. They have so many locations because their food is so great!

Just like the name suggests, Bacon Social House specializes in breakfast dishes with bacon. However, they have lots of other types of dishes on the brunch menu too! Some of their delightful dishes include bacon tots and queso or even their OMFG bacon flight with flavors like french toast or chile-lime.

Each of their locations has a distinct interior vibe, but the atmosphere is always incredibly lively. Some of the locations, like the one on S Broadway, even have incredible art that will take your breath away. The art is very Instagram-worthy!

You can get some of the best breakfast in Denver Colorado, at Bacon Social House, with their opening hours typically being around 7 or 8 a.m.


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Culinary Dropout

toast with meat and fried eggs on top

Location: 4141 E 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Another of the ​​best brunch places in Denver is Culinary Dropout, which usually opens around 10 a.m. on weekends and 11 a.m. on weekdays. These hours are perfect for brunch!

Culinary Dropout is unlike other spots to get brunch in Denver because they have a sort of British vibe serving lots of pub favorites. 

For brunch, they have breakfast favorites like breakfast sandwiches, southwest breakfast bowls, and bread pudding french toast. If you’re more interested in the “lunch” half of “brunch,” then you’re in luck because there are also salads, sandwiches, burgers, and their famous fried chicken.

You’re truly in for a treat no matter what you order at Culinary Dropout. Don’t forget to wash it down with one of their great drinks! They even have espresso-infused vodka.

Denver Biscuit Company

sponge cake layered with whipped cream and strawberry slices

Location: 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO 80010

Easily, some of the best brunch in Denver can be found at Denver Biscuit Company. This is one of the most well-known Denver restaurants, so it only makes sense that it’s included on this list.

As the name suggests, Denver Biscuit Company is the place to go for all your biscuit sandwich needs. However, these sandwiches are huge and are unlike any other biscuit sandwiches you’ve ever had because they are so incredibly over the top.

Some of their interesting sandwiches include the Cordon Bleu with fried chicken, ham, honey butter, and swiss cheese and the Beeler with ranch, pickles, and Nashville hot chicken.

Don’t worry if you don’t want a ginormous breakfast sandwich, don’t worry; they have other options on their menu. Consider ordering the strawberry shortcake, biscuits and gravy, or even their biscuit pot pie, which has a vegetarian option.

The District 

stack of golden brown beef taquitos on a plate

Location: 1320 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

If you’re looking for bottomless brunch Denver, then you can’t miss out on The District. This bistro and bar may not be the first place you’d think of going for brunch, but they have some great dishes you won’t want to miss out on.

The menu is filled with everything you can think of, including fun plates to share, like chicken taquitos and catfish bites, as well as more traditional salads, sandwiches, and even sweets. Of course, there are also more breakfast options like waffle sliders, breakfast tacos, and huevos rancheros.

This is also one of the great spots for outdoor brunch Denver, as they have ample outdoor seating. The inside is super rustic, with industrial vibes and fun lights hanging from the ceiling. It can get pretty busy for Sunday brunch, but it’s worth stopping by for a great meal.

Foolish Craig’s Cafe

stack of crepes on a plate

Location: 1611 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

One of the most underrated spots for ​​Sunday brunch Denver and the surrounding area is Foolish Craig’s Cafe. While it’s technically located in Boulder, it’s a short drive from Denver, which is why it deserves a spot on this list.

Foolish Craig’s is almost always busy, so be sure to join their waitlist online the second you leave Denver, so your wait will be shorter by the time you get to Boulder. Otherwise, the wait can sometimes be up to an hour or more if you wait and join the list when you get there.

Their menu is filled with tons of great dishes, but my personal recommendation is to try out their crepes. They’ve been featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives for the crepes! Another great option is their chicken and waffles.

Don’t forget to order a great coffee to wash it all down with. Their iced chai is also incredible and pairs well with anything on the menu.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

english muffin with ham, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce on top
A delicious eggs benedict with thick cut ham, hollandaise sauce, and thyme garnish.

Location: 1701 Wynkoop St Suite 150, Denver, CO 80202

For brunch in downtown Denver, head to Snooze! It’s definitely one of the more popular places to eat at, but truthfully, it’s worth going there to eat at least once because their food is incredible. They have multiple locations throughout the city and the greater Denver area, but the easiest one to get to downtown is right in Union Station.

Snooze serves up great brunch but keep in mind that all the locations are almost always busy because they are such popular places to eat at. To save yourself time, join their waitlist online or call ahead of time to get on the list the second they open. Otherwise, you may get there, join the list in person, and find out there’s over an hour’s wait.

All of the food on their menu is incredible and includes everything from breakfast burritos to unique eggs benedict. No matter what you order, you’ll love it, and the portion sizes are great. Truly, I almost always leave with leftovers!

Woodie Fisher

stack of french toast with butter and powdered sugar

Location: 1999 Chestnut Pl #100, Denver, CO 80202

Over by Coors Field is an incredible spot for Denver brunch, Woodie Fisher! While it’s mainly a kitchen and bar, they do have great brunch options that you won’t want to miss out on.

From the outside, this building may look a bit out of place, surrounded by hotels, shopping centers, and a baseball field. However, the inside of the building is incredibly unique, with industrial-style wooden beams, large windows, and ample seating.

At brunch, they have tons of great dishes, like burgers, burrata, salads, lavender french toast, crab benedicts, and more. Of course, there are also great sweets and drinks that you can pair with your meal!

The Pig & The Sprout

waffles with butter, maple syrup, and strawberries

Location: 1900 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80202

The Pig & The Sprout is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for bottomless mimosas Denver! Located right near Union Station, this restaurant is downtown, making it great for those staying in hotels or those who live in the city.

The idea of The Pig & The Sprout is interesting – basically, the menu is split in half between the “pig” side, which includes meat, and the “sprout” side, which is vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. 

On the menu, there are dishes like burritos, waffles, bowls, and even classic eggs benedict! In addition, there are fun snacks like bacon candy, bacon brussels, cheddar big prices, donut holes, and more. The food here is incredible, so no matter which side of the menu you order from, you’ll truly enjoy it.


breakfast burrito with meat, eggs, and veggies

Location: 999 18th St Ste 105, Denver, CO 80202

Syrup is an excellent breakfast spot that mostly only locals know about. They have a few different locations throughout the city, including in Cherry Creek, downtown, and City Park. For brunch, they’re a top choice!

The list to get a seat is always pretty long when you go to Syrup, which is why I recommend going to the location downtown. There, you can join the list, and there are ample spots to sit within Denver Place where you can relax and stay entertained while you wait for your spot.

Another option is to try to go on a weekday instead of a weekend because the waits can be a lot worse on the weekend.

The food at Syrup is absolutely incredible! Definitely try their ham and cheese eggs benedict on a croissant for a real treat. In addition, they have other dishes like beignets, churro donuts, waffles, burritos, sandwiches, breakfast bowls, and more.

This post was all about the best spots to find brunch in Denver. Whether you choose to eat from the places on this list, you’re truly in for a treat. Don’t forget to save this post and share it for later!

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