Austria Bucket List: 23 Best Things to do in Austria

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Austria is one of the best countries to visit in Europe and for good reason. From epic cities like Vienna to beautiful natural landscapes, there are so many great things to do in Austria. Use this Austria bucket list to plan out your perfect next trip to the country!

I’ve extensively traveled throughout Europe and was lucky enough to spend time exploring the beauty of Vienna while I was studying abroad in Dublin for five months. To this day, Austria is still my favorite country I’ve visited!

Without further ado, here are some of the best things to do in Austria.

Map of Austria Things to Do

If you’re in a rush, check out this map of the best things to do in Austria.

Austria Bucket List

Kreuzenstein Castle

empty historic stone castle

Kreuzenstein Castle is one of the most charming Austrian castles outside Vienna. It’s easily reachable from the capital within 30 minutes by train or car.

This castle has such a gorgeous fairy-tale design that it rivals many more famous European castles and definitely belongs to an Austrian bucket list.

The interesting fact about this castle is that the building is quite new. The original castle was built in medieval times but was blown up by a retreating enemy army during the Thirty Years War. 

The ruin was bought by the ancestors of the current owner and reconstructed in a completely new design during the last decades of the 19th century.

The building material used for the castle is historic, gathered from various historic properties from all over Europe, including the furnishings and medieval weapons collection.

Today, this castle is a popular filming location for historical dramas and fantasy series.  You might recognize several outdoor spots, such as the moat bridge and inner court, in various films.

The tour takes around 50 minutes and will cost you around 10 Euros per person. Come in comfy walking shoes.

Close to the castle, there is a falconry show, which you can add to your visit, as well as a restaurant with an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy local food and a glass of cold beer. 

Where to stay near Kreuzenstein Castle: Hotel-Restaurant Schweinberger

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Attending the Almabtrieb in the Alps

cows on grass by the mountains

One event not to be missed when traveling in Austria at the end of summer is the Almabtrieb, which is basically a massive welcome-home party for cows!

If you’ve ever come across photos of beautiful cows donning bells around their necks and flowers on their heads, you had a glimpse of the Almabtrieb.

You see, during the summer months, the cows are led up to the Alps by their farmers to graze the pastures.

Then, when autumn rolls around, and the temperatures begin to drop, the cows return home to their farms. This event calls for a big celebration that entire towns partake in, and it’s a really fun time. 

At the festival, you can expect to find Tyrolean bands playing traditional tunes, locals wearing their dirndls and lederhosen, markets selling handcrafted goods ranging from ceramic cow figurines to bottles of schnapps, craft demonstrations like woodcarving and shingle making, and lots of beer and local dishes on offer. 

Of course, the main event is the parade through town as the cows make their way to their farms.

Visitors can then visit the cows in their pastures and admire their headdresses, which are quite varied and made from leather with pine, flowers, and giant plumes.

The Almabtrieb is an event that’s held across the Alps, and while I attended the one in Reith im Alpbachtal in Tyrol, there are numerous destinations to choose from.

The only cost to attend is your transportation there and whatever food and souvenirs you buy during your visit. 

Where to stay in Tyrol: Altstadthotel Weisses Kreuz

Recommended by Audrey of That Backpacker

Enjoying Lake Wolfgangsee

village on the water

One of the most enchanting places to visit in Austria is certainly the Wolfgangsee in the Salzkammergut.

During a stay, you can expect a wonderful, clear bathing lake, surrounded by idyllic mountain scenery and magnificent nature. It’s best to visit in summer, but you can also put this jewel on your budget list in winter!

The village of the same name, St. Wolfgang, is definitely worth seeing, with its beautiful alleyways and local restaurants inviting you to linger and enjoy.

The world-famous hotel “Im Weissen Rössl” is also located directly in this vacation resort! The perfect accommodation for a very special stay on the lake.

Another highlight that you should not miss on any visit to Lake Wolfgang is a boat ride on the nostalgia ship. This steamer travels across the lake and connects the beautiful resorts with each other.

During the trip, you can enjoy magnificent views of Lake Wolfgang and experience the region from its most beautiful side.

Another must-do is a ride up the Schafberg with the Schafberg Railway. With a rustic locomotive, it goes up to the approximately 1734-meter-high mountain from where you experience a magnificent view.

All in all, Lake Wolfgangsee is a real highlight that you should definitely see on a trip to Austria!

Where to stay nearby: Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl

Recommended by PlacesofJuma

Climb the Nordkette in Innsbruck

people sitting in chairs looking out at the swiss alps

Innsbruck is the capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol and, with over 300,000 inhabitants, THE metropolis in the western part of the country.

Right at the foot of imposing mountain peaks, it is beautifully situated on the river Inn – as the name suggests.

High mountains can be seen from everywhere in the city. The most famous ones form the so-called “Nordkette”.

The Nordkette, the “Jewel of the Alps”, as it is titled by the local tourist board, is easily accessible from the historic city center of Innsbruck. The Nordkettenbahn takes you via a few stations to an altitude of 2269 meters at the Hafelekarhaus.

From here, you can climb further meters on foot. From the Nordkette, you have a gigantic view over the Karwendel Nature Park.

In the Karstube of the Hafelekarhaus, a rich gastronomic offer awaits you. Eat and drink with a view – rarely is there so much truth in it. Sit back and enjoy the alpine panorama far away from the hectic city center. 

On the way down, you can still admire some architectural highlights: The Hungerburg mountain railroad stations were designed by star architect Zaha Hadid and blend impressively into the Alpine landscape with their curved shapes.

In winter, Innsbruck is a popular destination not only for hikers but especially for winter sports enthusiasts – for students, use of the ski lifts is even included in the semester ticket.

Innsbruck itself is a nice spot to explore the surrounding region of Western Austria.

Where to stay in Innsbruck: AC Hotel by Marriott Innsbruck

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Buy a dirndl (or lederhosen) in Villach

blue and red drndl on a model

If you are headed to Austria, buying a dirndl or lederhosen in Villach is a must! These traditional outfits were once worn by men, women, and children in the Alpine regions of Austria and Bavaria.

Today, locals and visitors love to keep the tradition alive by wearing these festive outfits at celebrations across the Alpine region, such as the popular Oktoberfest in Germany every year. 

Although you can buy this festive apparel in many towns in Austria and Germany, Villach offers such an authentic, charming, and small-town feel, unlike larger cities such as Vienna or Salzburg.

It really makes you feel like you are immersed in the traditional culture. 

Dirndls and lederhosen at the small authentic shops in Villach can be on the pricier side (expect to pay around 200 euros or more).

Though, remember this is no Halloween costume you’re buying off of Amazon. The quality is top-notch, and it is something you will [hopefully] keep forever. 

Villach is located on the southern border of Austria, just north of Italy and Slovenia. It is approximately a 3.5-hour train ride or 2.5-hour drive from major cities, Venice and Salzburg, and about a 4.5-hour train ride or 3.5-hour drive from Vienna. 

Where to stay in Villach: Hotel Palais26

Recommended by Kylie Loyd of Catch the Drift travel blog 

Zell am See

empty bench by the water

Zell am See is a famous Austrian ski town located almost 2 hours from Salzburg by train. This enchanting mountain area is filled with diverse hiking opportunities, to be precise, more than 30 mountain peaks.

Equally beautiful in summer like in winter Zell am See is mostly popular because of its lake in the center.

Zell am See belongs to Hohe Tauern National Park, which is the oldest national park in Austria, covering the three most important mountains: Kitzsteinhorn, Maiskogel, and Schmittenhöhe.

Schmittenhöhe mountain, with its 1965m, is a middle-easy hike of 4h where the chapel of Imperatrice Elisabeth finds the place. The peak Schmitten can easily be reached by cable car.

Once there, you can relax in one of the 15 restaurants, which are usually almost full.

Not only Zell am See, but the neighboring town Kaprun is also rich with offers. The ancient castle is the highlight of Kaprun, which leads to the alpine road Grossglockner and Sigmund Thon Canyons in Kaprun.

Zell am See is a charming town where typical Austrian-painted houses and many souvenir shops will just delight you. Grand Hotel imposingly stands at the lake promenade, which is 11 km long. It is the biggest of the dozen hotels.

Where to stay in Zell am See: Cella Central Historic Boutique Hotel

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Hallein Salt Mines

cave with signs

One of the best, most fun places in Austria is the Hallein salt mine or Saltzwelten Salzburg. It’s located about 30 minutes from Salzburg in a small town called Dürrnberg.

Extremely easy to find, experiencing a tour of the mine is great for both kids and adults. Although, only children 4 and above are allowed.

After getting your tickets (30 Euros for adults, 15 for children), the fun begins. First, you have to get dressed. Everyone wears white coveralls and hard hats to enter the mine.

Then, there’s a train that takes you into the mine and to the beginning of the actual tour. 

The mine tour talks about the importance of salt economically throughout history. Kids may not want to listen to all the details, but it’s okay because they have little stuffed people and scenes all around the mine to illustrate the history, which they will love.

There are a few parts of the tour that really make it a great time. One is you get to cross the border between Austria and Germany underground. And the second is that everyone rides a slide to the levels below.

The slides are fast and just a tad bit scary. Some people refuse to do it, but there’s an elevator for them. I highly recommend you do slide, though. What a blast!

Where to stay in Dürrnberg: Hotel Kranzbichlhof

Recommended by Corinne Vail from Reflections Enroute

Eat Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte is one of the most famous cakes in the entire world and one of the must-eat foods in Austria.  A simple but absolutely delicious chocolate cake with apricot jam and chocolate ganache, it is one of Austria’s most well-known exports.

So, what better item for your Austria bucket list than having a slice of Sacher Torte at the Sacher Hotel, where it was invented? 

The cake was invented by 16-year-old apprentice chef Franz Sacher when the master chef was too ill to create an extraordinary dessert requested by Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich.

The result has stood the test of time and is a highlight of any trip to Vienna.

The Sacher Café in the Sacher Hotel is a quintessential Viennese coffee house.  It has an indoor and outdoor section.  Indoors is ornate and sumptuous in traditional European style, with chandeliers, black and white tiles, and plush red banquettes. 

However, if the weather is nice, it is hard to beat having a slice of cake made with the original recipe al fresco while people-watching to your heart’s content.  Pair your cake with a coffee or – even better – a glass of alcoholic hot chocolate! 

The Sacher Hotel is in the center of Vienna, next to the Opera House. A slice of original Sacher Torte served with whipped cream is 7.90 euros.

Where to stay in Vienna: Ibis Wien Messe

Recommended by James Ian from Travel Collecting


snowy mountain with a castle

Highline179 is the longest suspension bridge in Austria. It is situated in the Reutte Valley about 88 km from the Austrian capital of the Alps, Innsbruck, and 125 km from the Bavarian capital, Munich in Germany. Highline179 was built in 2014 in the Tibet style. 

From this 114-meter-high and 406-meter-long bridge itself, you can enjoy an absolutely stunning panoramic view. The bridge is surrounded by thrilling scenery and spectacular mountain chains.

After enjoying the awesome vista from the bridge, explore the ruins of Ehrenberg Castle and the ruins of Fort Claudia built in the 16th century.

The entrance fee for the Highline179 suspension bridge is 8 €.

As for getting there, from both Innsbruck and Munich, first, you have to travel to the gorgeous Tirolian village, Reutte by train.

Then, from Reutte, you have to take a bus to Ehrenberger Klause. From this point, you have to walk to the bridge. It’s a short 20-minute walk amid beautiful evergreen pine trees. 

Due to the fact that there is no bus on the way back, you need to walk from the castle to the train station in Reutte. It will take 40 minutes. Thus, in total, it is an easy and pleasant 1-hour walk two ways.

Where to stay in Reutte: Alpenhotel Ernberg

Recommended by The Globetrotting Detective

Prater Amusement Park

ferris wheel in the evening with lights

Prater is a historic amusement park in Vienna and is a great place to have some fun. The park started life as an Imperial hunting ground; then, it was opened to the public to enjoy in 1766.

The amusement park is in the Leopoldstadt area of the city, a short trip on public transport from the central areas of Vienna. Prater Amusement Park has a variety of rides for visitors to enjoy, including the iconic Wiener Riesenrad and Prater Turm.

Wiener Riesenrad is a big Ferris wheel that was built in 1897, making it the oldest working Ferris wheel in the world.

For much of its history, it was also the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna and has great fun.

People can opt for a quick ride to see the views and experience the ride, or you can enjoy a meal on board for an extended session.

The Wiener Riesenrad entrance takes visitors through a museum of Prater with many lifelike models of the park through the ages.

Another must-do ride is the Prater Turm, which is a 117-meter-tall swinging carousel. This ride also has some fantastic views across Vienna while your legs dangle and enjoy the wind through your hair.

There are also many other options for fairground rides from tame family fun to some more extreme rollercoasters, thus a great place to visit for some fun.

Where to stay in Vienna: Ibis Wien Messe

Recommended by Rich from RJOnTour

Christmas Markets in Vienna

christmas ornaments at a christmas stand in austria

Winter in Europe is a magical time, and wandering around Vienna’s Christmas markets is a must-have experience. Sure, the weather might be a bit challenging to deal with, but you’ll be rewarded with a visit-worthy wonderland.

From the illuminated displays to the food to stalls selling all kinds of goods, the atmosphere is undeniably heart-warming.

Start by visiting the big and lively markets, including the ones taking place in the Belvedere Palace, Maria-Theresien-Platz, the Schönbrunn Palace, and Rathausplatz (City Hall Square).

Next to the last one, you’ll also find a huge ice rink covering more than 3,000 m². Buy some handicrafts, stuff your face with Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes), and enjoy a cup of hot apple cider or mulled wine.

Next, head to the smaller Christmas markets in Vienna, which are cozier and less crowded. For example, Spittelberg, a tiny central quarter in the city, hosts an enchanting market you do not want to miss.

Other unique spots include the Art Advent on Karlsplatz, the Advent Delights Market next to the Vienna State Opera House, and the Am Hof Advent Market.

Apart from Christmas markets, Vienna also hosts other winter events, such as the Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert and the New Year’s Eve Ball.

Where to stay in Vienna: Ibis Wien Messe

Recommended by Or from My Path in the World 

The Wachau Valley

lake next to the mountains

The Wachau Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its fortresses, vineyards, and hillside scenery.  Its unique climate is perfect for growing some of the tastiest apricots in the world. 

If you plan to visit the Wachau Valley region, you cannot leave without tasting a Wachau Apricot, sometimes referred to as Wachau Saffron.

I would highly recommend visiting the small town of Durnstein, which has an apricot vineyard at the edge of the Danube.  The vineyard harvests apricots in July, but you can enjoy the blossoms in the months before and apricot products all year round!

It’s not just apricot jam that’s produced here; the vineyard has diversified, and you can now sample apricot Brandy, wine, mustard, vinegar, and liqueur. 

The apricot Brandy will certainly give you a warm feeling inside.  The Austrian apricot dumplings are one thing I really enjoyed tasting.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Wachau Valley is on a Danube River cruise

The ever-changing landscape means that you can simply sit and watch the world go by.  It also offers the opportunity to explore the smaller towns and destinations on the Danube. 

Most Danube river cruises start in Germany or Hungary and travel through Austria, stopping at Linz, Krems (for Durnstein), and Vienna.  Tours of the local destinations are included in the cruise price, so there’s no need to worry about finding your own independent excursions.

Unlike ocean cruising, river cruises are more likely to stay in destinations overnight or into the evening, so you can explore places by day and night.  

Where to stay in Durnstein: Hotel Richard Löwenherz

Recommended by Laura from Cruise Lifestyle

Paragliding Galtür

person paragliding with a red parachute in the mountains

Something that I’m sure is on the bucket list for many of you is paragliding! If it’s not on yours yet, maybe it’s added after reading this.

The beautiful mountain landscapes are known worldwide and attract millions of tourists every year. However, most of them use their time off in Austria to hike in the mountains.

But why don’t you take the opportunity and check it out from above? It’s really impressive and guaranteed to be a highlight of your Austria trip! It is an incredible adrenaline rush to run towards the abyss and jump off the mountain.

Within a few fractions of a second, you are floating and flying through the air. An indescribable feeling! During your “flight,” you sit super comfortable in the straps and can enjoy the view. If you have a cool guide, you can even do a few tricks! 

I was especially impressed by how long you can float in the valley through the updraft before coming in for a landing. But be careful – the risk of repetition!

If you want to learn more about it and look for more info on Austria, check out this Austria packing list beforehand.

Where can you go paragliding? Basically, there are many places in Austria where it is possible. We did it in Galtür. Our host made the contact. The cost for this experience is around 100€.

Where to stay in Galtür: Alpenresidenz Ballunspitze Wellness- & Kinderhotel

Recommended by Tristan from Traxplorio

Basilica St. Michael in Mondsee

yellow church near a plaza

The small town of Mondsee, just outside of Salzburg, is home to one of the most famous cathedrals in all of Austria.

Basilica St. Michael, often called the Mondsee Abbey, has become both a historical and pop culture landmark, drawing hundreds of thousands of people to the small town each year. 

The pale yellow church flanked by two clock towers stands prominently in the center of Mondsee and was used as a filming location in the 1965 classic movie Sound of Music.

The beautiful basilica should be on anyone’s Austria bucket list, as touring it is one of the top things to do in Mondsee, Austria.

While its cinematic claim to fame is the primary reason people visit the Basilica St. Michael, the altar inside the Mondsee Abbey is perhaps even more noteworthy.

In it, you’ll find the mummified remains and full skeletons of martyrs and saints who perished while defending the abbey in the 1100s.

The remains are adorned with jewels and crowns, making the peculiar display one of the most interesting church altars in the world. Basilica St. Michael is free to enter and serves as both an active cathedral and a tourist attraction. 

Where to stay in Mondsee: Schlosshotel Mondsee

Recommended by Melissa from Parenthood and Passports

Graz Long Table

wine clinking by a building

The City of Graz, known as the “Culinary Capital of Austria,” should be at the top of any Austria bucket list, but even more so for foodies.

The highlight of this foodie mecca is the annual Graz Long Table (Lange Tafel in German) dinner, which celebrates local food and wine prepared by the city’s premier chefs.

This culinary event is held near the end of August in the main square of Old Town Graz, with the beautiful town hall and clock tower as a backdrop.

Seven hundred fifty lucky ticket holders gather at long tables covered with crisp white linens, glistening stemware, and bouquets of summer flowers and are treated to a seven-course gourmet Chef’s dinner paired with amazing wines from the region of Styria.

As traditional Austrian music plays in the background, the entire scene is magical and one that food and wine lovers won’t soon forget.

Even better is that everything served at the Long Table is sustainably sourced from local producers, and the event meets the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Events. 

This event is the foodie fete of the year, and tickets can be hard to come by.

If your travel plans include Austria, get tickets early and plan on a relaxing and fun summer evening at the Graz Long Table.

Where to stay in Graz: Palais Hotel Erzherzog Johann

Recommended by Lori from Travlinmad

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

palace by a garden

Mirabell Palace in Salzburg, Austria, is one of the epic bucket list items to add to your Austrian bucket list, especially a romantic one.

Built in the 16th century by a prince for his beloved wife, it is one of the most famous architectures in the world that echoes love from all angles.

The palace is famous for being one of the most beautiful backdrops for romantic weddings. The Marble Hall inside the palace makes it one of the best wedding halls in the world.

If you love the “Sound of Music” movie or want to chase Mozart’s birthplace, you are definitely going to cross the mountain town of Salzburg when in Austria.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens is one of the major attractions here, making it one of the best photoshoot locations where you don’t need to be a photographer to capture the beauty.

When I visited here during a solo trip to Salzburg, I remember spending a very happy time with myself, clicking tons of pictures with the beautiful palace, gardens, and the splendid Pegasus fountain, my most memorable time here.

As you can imagine, it is one of the most desirable photoshoot locations; the main tip is to go early in the morning before tourists crowd the place.

I would describe the Mirabell Palace and Gardens as the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal of Austria and would highly recommend it to your Austrian bucket list- suited for a couple’s travel, solo trip, and family travel equally.

Where to stay in Salzburg: Holiday Inn – Salzburg City, an IHG Hotel

Recommended by Jumana from Planet Hopper Girl

Bad Blumau

charcuterie board

Bad Blumau, located in the municipality of Styria, the second-largest in Austria, is a spa town located about an hour away from Graz, its capital.

What makes Bad Blumau special is the Rogner Bad Blumau spa designed by renowned architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who is popular for his colorful designs and for incorporating mosaic styles in his work.

The spa is built around an area full of natural hot springs, and one can spend at least two to three days here.

The area is massive, with multiple hot pools located at various points in the complex. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from one of the complexes to another!

In addition to the thermal volcanic waters, there’s also a spa and a few restaurants located inside the resort.
It has been designed in such a way that the spa sits at the center, and various ‘houses’ surround it.

There’s an art house, a stone house, and a forest yard house, to name a few.

What makes it unique and worth a visit is its healing waters and its backdrop of the Styrian rolling hills. The produce here is organic, and the traditional food is delicious, making it the perfect bucket list getaway in Austria. The local Sau beer is a must-try!

The stay costs about 200 Euros per night and is one of the most famous destinations with the locals that not many travelers know! 

Where to stay in Bad Blumau: Rogner Bad Blumau

Recommended by Lavina from Continent Hop


girl smiling by the lake in winter

If there was one city you should visit in Austria, it would be Hallstatt. Located in the middle of Salzburg and Graz in the Salzkammergut region, this lake town is beloved for its pretty Alpine houses and alleyways.

It’s brimming with things to do and sights to see, and you can experience its charms both during winter and summer.

Hallstatt is believed to be one of the oldest European settlements that are still inhabited and is a UNESCO heritage site.

As it sits by the picturesque Lake Hallstatt, it is also known as its guardian. If you love mountain views and quaint villages, you will find paradise in this Austrian town.

You can walk from one side of Hallstatt to the other in around thirty minutes. Plus, cars are actually banned from 10 am to 5 pm between May and October, so you will most likely be exploring on foot if you visit during these times.

Don’t forget to stop by Salzwelten Hallstatt, the beating heart of this traditional gem and the world’s oldest salt mine.

This museum carries 7000 years of history while featuring interesting exhibits, an underground slide, and an exciting boat ride across the salt lake.

We also recommend the Cultural Heritage Museum and the Beinhaus, two of the quintessential spots to get to know the fascinating history of Hallstatt.

From boating and surfing to hiking and museum hopping, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged.

Where to stay in Hallstatt: Heritage Hotel Hallstatt

Recommended by Bradley from Dream Big, Travel Far

Sunrise from the top of Wierdersbergerhorn

people on a bench by the mountains at sunset in austria

You’ll need to make an early start to catch the sunrise from the top of Wierdersbergerhorn mountain in the Tyrol.

There are just six dates this summer when an early morning cable car will take you partway there (10 Euros if booked in advance).

We left our hotel in the pretty village of Alpbach at 4 am and took a short drive to the cable car station. Despite it being the middle of summer, as we step out of the gondola, at 1,850m high, it’s just 6°C.

The walk to the top starts with a gentle ascent as we make our way through the dark, passing the occasional cow, their bells softly tinkling.

The path gets steeper as we climb higher and higher. My heart pounds, and despite all the walking I’ve done leading up to this, I wish I was fitter. The altitude doesn’t help, of course.

The distant call of an Alpine horn far below us drifts up the mountainside. Just before the sun breaks over the horizon, we stop and turn around to face the east.

The sky begins to glow in ever-changing shades of pink and orange. There’s a sense of comradery amongst all those on the mountaintop as we share a unique experience of watching the sun, a golden globe, break through the clouds.

Beams of light reach out toward us. It’s magical, as is the sense of achievement.

As the sun rises higher, golden light falls on a myriad of Alpine flowers, forming swaths of color on the hillside. We take a path around the summit to the mountain top café, Hornhalm, and devour a well-earned breakfast.

At over 2,000 meters, eggs and bacon have never tasted so good. Watching the sunrise from the top of Wierdersbergerhorn is a memory that will stay with me forever.

Where to stay in Tyrol: Apartment Ferienhaus Oberhuben

Recommended by Kathryn from Travel With Kat

Skiing in the Austrian Alps

girl on skis smiling on the mountain

As a passionate skier I can speak from experience: there are hardly better places to ski in the world than Austria.

I mean it because the ski lifts here are the best of the best, the slopes are long, wide, and usually very well-groomed, and the ski huts are such a vital part of the whole experience, there’s no excuse to miss them.  

You can find slopes for all levels of expertise, and in every ski resort, you’ll find many rental shops. Ski tickets cost around 55€ for a day ticket, but this gives you access to around 100km of slopes. You’ll want to add skiing to your Austria bucket list!

The most famous ski resorts in Austria are Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn, Ski Amade (which includes top resorts like Schladming, Flachau, Zauchensee …), Zillertal, Kitzbühel …

Be aware that the ski season lasts from the beginning/mid-December until (usually) Easter Monday and the peak season (so the most expensive accommodation) is during the Christmas-New Year’s holidays and the entire of February because of school holidays.

If you want to experience something unique, you can also go skiing in summer in Austria: the Hintertuxer glacier is open year-round. Many ski resorts are accessible by public transport, as Austria has excellent train connections.

The best regions to base yourself on and experience white-topped mountains are Tirol, Salzburger Land, west Styria, Carinthia, and Vorarlberg.

Once on the slope, make a few turns, enjoy the (usually) excellent snow conditions, and at the end of your ski day, turn into a ski hut for a proper après ski.

Recommended by Simona from Slovenians Travel

Schönbrunn Palace

yellow palace under the blue sky

Schönbrunn Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that should be added to your Austria bucket list.

For centuries, the palace served as the summer home of the Habsburgs &  reflects the interests and tastes of the Habsburg monarchs. Under Empress Maria Theresa’s influence, Schönbrunn Palace soon became the focus of court and political life.

Schönbrunn is considered to be one of Europe’s most impressive Baroque palace complexes. If you are interested in history and the imperial lifestyle, you should definitely visit Schönbrunn Palace.

It has 1441 rooms, though only some are publicly accessible to visitors.

You can take the Imperial Tour, which usually takes at least 30 minutes & costs around 18 euros. The Grand Tour at 22 euros is an excellent choice if you have further time and interest.

You can select between a guided tour and a tour with an audio guide. Photography and filming are generally prohibited inside the palace.

The palace gardens & surroundings are beautiful. You’ll find many smaller gardens, fountains, and statues, where large parts can be accessed without charge. There is also a zoo, Neptune fountain, the Maze, and Obelisk fountain, among others.

Depending on your interest, your visit to the palace and the gardens can take you up to a whole day.

Getting There: The Schönbrunn station is on tram lines 10 and 58, bus route 10A, and U-Bahn route U4. Public parking is available if you come by car. Vienna is the nearest airport.

Where to stay in Vienna: Ibis Wien Messe

Recommended by Nilu from The Traveling CA

Final Thoughts: Best Things to do in Austria

As you can see, there are so many great attractions and activities worth adding to your Austria bucket list!

What do you most want to do from this list in Austria? Leave a comment below!

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