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17 Best Photo Spots in Scotland From Castles to Mountains (2023)

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Are you looking for the best photo spots in Scotland? You’ve found the right blog post!

From dramatic coastlines to breathtaking mountains, Scotland is a photographer’s paradise. Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, plenty of Instagram-worthy spots and hidden gems are just waiting to be discovered.

This blog post will share some of our favorite best photo spots in Scotland that make for even more unforgettable memories. So grab your camera, and let’s explore!

Glenfinnan Viaduct

old stone bridge with a railroad track curving on a mountain

Glenfinnan Viaduct is one of Scotland’s best photo spots and a must-visit for any photographer or Instagrammer wanting to capture the best images of this stunning country. This viaduct has been featured in many films, including Harry Potter, which is why you may recognize it!

The Glenfinnan Viaduct stands at an impressive 100 ft high and contains 21 arches. It towers over the waters of Loch Shiel and connects Mallaig to Fort William. Whether you are standing at a high viewpoint near it (like we did) or below it, you can admire its unique structure.

Not only does this viaduct make a great photo spot, but it also offers some incredible views of the surrounding area. It’s a great spot to take pictures year-round!

Calton Hill

tall stone pillars in an L shape with a walkway and grassy area in front of it

Calton Hill is one of Edinburgh’s best spots for taking pictures and capturing its unique essence. Not only will you find breathtaking views, but also the top monuments that Scotland has to offer.

Located in Edinburgh, Calton Hill is home to some of the most iconic sites, like the National Monument, which was built to honor those who lost their lives in the Napoleonic War, and Nelson’s Monument, dedicated to Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar.

On top of that, visitors can experience a magnificent view over Edinburgh’s skyline and Arthur’s Seat – an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park. This makes Calton Hill not only one of Scotland’s best Instagram spots but also a great place to admire Scotland’s beautiful scenery.

As well as its monuments and views, Calton Hill offers a tranquil atmosphere that makes it perfect for spending some time outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a romantic walk or an opportunity to take amazing pictures with your friends or family, Calton Hill is the perfect spot!

Plus, it’s easy to access by foot or public transportation – making it very convenient for visitors who want to explore Scotland without having to worry about driving themselves around.

Visiting Calton Hill is not just about capturing amazing photos – it’s also about experiencing all that Scotland has to offer in terms of culture and beauty. With its breathtaking views, iconic monuments, and lush green surroundings – Calton Hill will leave you stunned.


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Ben Nevis

woman sitting on the side of a rocky mountain looking out over a mountain range

This country is best known for its breathtaking landscapes that are perfect for photography and one of the best photo spots in Scotland is Ben Nevis. Located in the Scottish Highlands, this iconic mountain stands tall at 4,413 ft and is the highest peak in Britain.

Visiting Ben Nevis offers spectacular views no matter the season, but we highly recommend visiting in spring or early summer like we did. The weather was incredible, the skies were clear, and there weren’t a whole lot of other tourists there.

There are a few different ways that you can reach the summit, but your best bet is to take the scenic gondola up to the top. It’s not super cheap, but allows you to relax while getting to the top. There are a few spots that you can walk around once at the summit, and there’s a cafe as well.

No matter how you get there, a trip up Ben Nevis is sure to fill your heart with awe-inspiring views of Scotland’s wilderness while providing plenty of amazing photo opportunities along the way – making it one of best places to snap a photo in the country.

Balmoral Castle

Front of an old castle with multiple cone, shaped roofs and a flag flying in the middle

Balmoral Castle is a must-see destination for photographers visiting Scotland. Located in the heart of Aberdeenshire, this majestic castle has been one of the family homes of the British Royal Family since 1856.

The castle’s grounds span an impressive 50,000 acres, providing plenty of opportunities for photographers to explore and capture truly unique images. The sprawling estate boasts exquisite gardens, imposing hilltops, mysterious forests, and sparkling rivers – all of which can be photographed from numerous vantage points throughout the grounds.

With its variety of landscaping and remarkable buildings, Balmoral Castle is certain to inspire any photographer looking for a captivating scene. Note that the best photos can be taken outside, as there are very few spots inside the castle that guests are actually allowed to visit.

All in all, there’s something special about Balmoral Castle that makes it stand out from other photography locations in Scotland – be it its grand atmosphere or its unparalleled beauty. To top it off, no trip would be complete without stopping into the gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs featuring photos taken onsite to bring back home as reminders of your visit!

Fairy Pools

emerald green pool flowing over a rocky cliff

You absolutely can not miss out on a visit to the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye. Located in the heart of Scotland, this natural paradise is best known for its beautiful waterfalls and crystal-clear pools surrounded by lush green vegetation.

The Fairy Pools are a must-see if you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot with plenty of character and beauty. This serene location offers plenty of opportunities for capturing amazing photos – from the waterfalls to the shockingly tall mountains and meandering streams.

If you’re planning a trip to Scotland, then make sure you add the Fairy Pools on your list of places to visit! You won’t be disappointed – not only will you get to experience the unique beauty of Scotland first hand but you’ll also come away with some incredible photographs that will last a lifetime.

The best time to visit depends on what kind of picture you want – during winter months ice can form around the rocks making for a perfect backdrop for your photos; whereas during summertime there’s usually more sun bringing out vibrant colors in nature that look great on camera.

So whatever season it is when you plan your trip – make sure you don’t forget your camera when heading off to explore this magical place!

Loch Lomond

water flowing around a small, rocky area with trees

Next up is Loch Lomond, part of Trossachs National Park. Located just outside Glasgow, this breathtaking loch hosts some of the most picturesque scenes in Scotland.

Loch Lomond offers not only stunning views but also a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. It also has various walking trails and cycling routes that allow you to explore the surrounding area at your own pace. You can even take a boating trip across the lake and admire its beauty from a different angle!

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy shot, then Loch Lomond is the perfect spot. The loch is surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests, and charming villages, which create some genuinely magical backdrops.

Whether looking for breathtaking scenery or quirky objects such as vintage boats and old homesteads, you won’t be disappointed with what this loch offers. And if you manage to visit during sunset or sunrise hours, you may even witness one of Scotland’s iconic sunsets over Loch Lomond – a sight that will stay with you forever!

Craigievar Castle

view looking up at a pink stone castle on a clear day

Obviously, this pink castle had to make our list of the best photo spots in Scotland; I mean, just look at it!

The castle, built in the early 17th century, is best known for its pink sandstone walls and seven stories that have remained fairly unchanged since they were first built. It has been the ancestral home of Clan Sempill and the Forbes Family for around 350 years and is now owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Visiting Craigievar Castle is like stepping back in time. Its stunning exterior will take your breath away when you arrive at its doorstep. Inside the castle, visitors can explore various items, from furniture to antiques, that provide an insight into how previous generations lived.

The best part about visiting Craigievar Castle is its photogenic nature. All around the castle are lush meadows dotted with beauty; this makes it ideal for stunning landscape shots too! If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, the inside of the castle offers plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful snaps of fireplaces, paintings on the walls, and ancient tapestries.

If you’re looking for a special experience while in Scotland, then visiting Craigievar Castle should be top of your list! Not only does it offer incredible photo opportunities, but also provides you with an interesting glimpse into Scotland’s history, which will stay with you long after your visit has ended.

Bow Fiddle Rock

large fiddle shaped rock surrounded by blue water at sunset

Bow Fiddle Rock is a stunning natural formation located in the northeast of Scotland that offers incredible views in a quaint fishing town. The rock formation is reminiscent of an old-fashioned fiddle, with a large arch emerging from a vertical rock wall.

The best time of day to visit Bow Fiddle Rock is early in the morning, when the misty air and muted light create an ethereal atmosphere. This magical glow brings out the best in Scotland’s dramatic coastline and makes for some truly stunning photographs. You can also explore the surrounding cliffs; take a stroll along the shoreline; or just relax and enjoy the fresh sea air.

Bow Fiddle Rock should definitely be on your list! With its unique geological features, enchanting atmosphere, surrounding wildlife, and beautiful views, it promises to provide you with some truly memorable shots that will stop the scroll on Instagram.

Eilean Donan

old stone bridge leading towards a large stone castle in a mountainous area

Eilean Donan is another incredible spot to stop for a photo in Scotland. With its picturesque setting, this castle has been featured in many movies, such as Highlander and James Bond, and it is widely considered one of Scotland’s most romantic buildings.

The castle was initially built in the early 13th century as a stronghold for Clan Mackenzie. In 1719, the castle was destroyed by government forces after a Jacobite rebellion. However, it wasn’t until 1932 that the castle was restored to its former glory and reopened to visitors.

Today, visitors can tour Eilean Donan Castle and learn about its history while taking in its breathtaking views of Loch Duich and beyond. Its stunning beauty is best complemented by lovely sunsets on clear days or moody skies when those Scottish showers decide to come out – both offer amazing photographic opportunities!

As you stroll around the castle grounds between the ancient walls and turrets, you will find yourself captivated by the atmosphere that echoes of bygone battles. Eilean Donan Castle is definitely worth visiting – not many places combine beautiful surroundings with centuries-old history as this place does!

Stirling Castle

Large stone castle sitting atop a cliffside covered in green trees

This majestic 15th-century castle sits atop a hill in the city of Stirling and serves as an unbeatable backdrop for breathtaking photos. Whether you’re looking for an awe-inspiring panoramic view of Scotland or simply a unique snapshot on your Instagram page, Stirling Castle should be at the top of your list.

Stirling Castle’s most notable resident that most visitors know of is Mary Queen of Scots. She lived here during her childhood. The castle also served as a stronghold for many battles with England throughout history.

Today, visitors can explore Stirling Castle and experience life during its heyday — from royal banquet halls and living quarters to military barracks and grand towers — all while taking incredible photos along the way.

Stirling Castle is one the country’s best-photographed locations whether you’re looking for historical sites, panoramic vistas, or just good old Instagram shots – so make sure you take time on your next trip north to explore this captivating site!

The Kelpies

two large statues of horse's heads with a small river flowing between them

The Kelpies are two 100-foot high horse-head sculptures representing Scotland’s equine heritage. Created by sculptor Andy Scott, these magnificent structures are best viewed during sunset to appreciate their beauty even more.

The best photos of The Kelpies tend to be taken from a distance, but there is plenty to explore up close. Take some time to explore the area around The Kelpies, and you’ll find areas that create a stunning backdrop for your pictures.

Another great thing about visiting The Kelpies is that it’s free! You don’t need to worry about needing a ticket or anything else – make sure you have enough memory on your camera or phone to take plenty of pictures!

Take some time out of your day and admire the beauty at The Kelpies – you won’t regret it.

Arthur’s Seat

woman sitting on the top of a red dirt hill looking out over a city

Out of all the places we’ve visited in Scotland, Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh is one of those places that has always stuck with us. It’s an extinct volcano in Edinburgh that has become a popular tourist destination for its incredible views.

Arthur’s Seat stands at 823 feet and is the highest point in Edinburgh, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas. The best time to take pictures here is during sunrise or sunset when the sky is filled with fiery oranges and pinks.

The hike to the top is relatively moderate, even for those without prior hiking experience. It usually takes around 40 minutes to get up and down from Arthur’s Seat, and there are plenty of spots along the way if you want to take a break or enjoy the view.

The best part about this spot is that it offers something different depending on which side you approach it – ranging from rugged peaks to picture-perfect parks.

For any photographer looking for a unique snapshot of Scotland, Arthur’s Seat should be one place you for sure visit. Then, spend the rest of the day enjoying the beauty of Edinburgh, one of our favorite Scottish cities.

The Quirang

road cutting through a small mountain area with hiking trails going up the left side

Part of the Trotternish Ridge on the Isle of Skye, The Quirang offers breathtaking views and a unique landscape unlike any other in Scotland.

Made up of dramatic cliffs, rugged rock formations, and multi-colored stone ridges, The Quirang is a photographer’s paradise. It’s easy to spend an entire day exploring all the nooks and crannies, taking in the spectacular views from every angle.

The best time to visit The Quirang is during late spring and summer when you have better chances of getting sunshine. On sunny days you’ll be able to make out various rock formations in the area. Bring waterproof clothing and sturdy shoes, as some parts can be pretty wet and slippery.

The Quirang provides an excellent opportunity for photographers of all levels to capture incredible photographs of Scotland that will last forever. With ample photo opportunities scattered around this rocky paradise, everyone can find something new to discover here!

Old Man of Storr

cars driving along a road on the edge of a small lake leading towards a large rocky cliff

Situated between the towns of Portree and Staffin, this iconic rock formation stands 140 meters tall and attracts visitors worldwide. The best time to visit this spot is during the summer when Scotland’s weather tends to be milder, and you can best appreciate the stunning scenery with your camera.

The Old Man of Storr has been described as one of Scotland’s most recognizable landmarks due to its distinct shape. The rock formation is actually a volcanic plug, leaving behind a jagged pinnacle that towers over its surroundings. This natural wonder is best seen from a distance but can also be enjoyed up close, depending on your preference.

Despite being a popular tourist spot, the Old Man of Storr remains relatively secluded and off-the-beaten path (at least, compared to the rest of Scotland). With its awe-inspiring landscape that offers limitless opportunities for exploring, it’s no wonder why so many people venture here from near and far each year.

Edinburgh Castle

crowds of people walking in a plaza in front of an old historic castle

One of the best places to take photos in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle. Located in the capital city of Edinburgh, the castle stands proud at the top of an extinct volcano and provides breathtaking views over the city below.

Edinburgh Castle has served as a royal residence since the 12th century and has also been used as a fortress, military garrison, royal palace, and prison. Today it is one of Scotland’s most visited attractions, and its history is woven into Scotland’s story.

Not only does visiting Edinburgh Castle offer visitors a chance to explore this fantastic structure, but it also provides them with incredible photo opportunities.

The best thing about taking pictures at Edinburgh Castle is that you can capture many different elements within one snap, from stunning landscapes to ancient ruins and even panoramic views of the city below. Visitors can get sweeping views of downtown Edinburgh and beyond from its highest point.

This makes shooting up at Edinburgh Castle one of the best ways to capture all Scotland offers in one shot. For those looking for something more dramatic, there are plenty of opportunities for capturing sunrises or sunsets from multiple angles, providing spectacular colors in photos.

North Coast 500

large bridge with a road that leads over a large body of water in a mountain area

If you’re looking to take great photos while on a road trip, do not miss out on the North Coast 500 (NC500). This route takes you along 516 miles of spectacular coastline full of enchanting castles, unspoiled beaches, magnificent mountains and glens, historic towns and villages, and much more.

You can also find some fantastic off-the-beaten-path Instagram spots that will boost your feed! Whether you’re a professional photographer or an Instagram enthusiast looking for amazing shots, there’s something for everyone on this magical route.

During summer months, when days are long and warm, the best time to take pictures is early morning or late evening, when light is best for capturing landscape views. Nature lovers will be spoilt with the array of wildlife, including dolphins and more – best photographed at dawn or dusk.

There are also plenty of historical sites throughout the route, including majestic castles like Dunrobin Castle near Golspie or nearby Dunvegan Castle on Skye (which isn’t technically on the route) – ideal for capturing architectural shots.

No matter what season you visit the North Coast 500 in, you’re guaranteed to come away with incredible shots that will leave your friends green with envy!

Royal Mile

Groups of people walking through a street with historic churches, buildings, and pubs

Last but certainly not least is the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. If capturing city life is something you for sure want to do, then this is the place for you.

The Royal Mile runs through the heart of Edinburgh and gives visitors an unparalleled view of the city’s history. The area contains iconic landmarks like St Giles’ Cathedral, Parliament Square, and even The World’s End pub.

On one end, you have Edinburgh Castle overlooking the city from its rocky perch, offering a glimpse into Scotland’s rich royal history. Along the way are cobbled lanes lined with shops selling traditional goods and craftsmanship, so you can also take excellent souvenir shots.

Visitors can explore famous attractions like the Greyfriars Bobby statue, Our Dynamic Earth exhibition center, and Camera Obscura for educational fun – all within easy walking distance along the mile-long stretch.

If it’s nighttime photography you’re after, then look no further! The vibrant street lights create a unique atmosphere perfect for capturing beautiful silhouettes or dreamy light trails.

There are also many traditional pubs to stop at along your journey down the Royal Mile; perfect if you want to grab a bite while exploring or rest your weary feet after a long day of photography! Many offer live music, too, so why not capture some memorable moments while listening to some Scottish tunes?

All in all, there’s something for everyone on this historic street, making it an ideal place to visit, whatever your taste or style may be.

Well, there you have it! Now you know where to go to find the best photo spots in Scotland. Don’t forget your camera!

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