Review Policy

I’m open to accepting any reviews from publishers. I’m also open to self-pubs, though I can’t guarantee that I’ll accept the request. I can only accept hard copies, as I don’t own an e-reader of any sort. ARCS, hardcovers, and paperbacks are accepted.

I only read and accept Young Adult novels, as this is a young adult book blog. I won’t accept any religious novels, nonfiction novels, or anything that isn’t in the Young Adult genre.

The only thing I ask is that they are appropriate for YA readers.

I can’t guarantee that I will enjoy the book, therefore I can’t guarantee positive reviews.

I post my reviews on Goodreads and my blog.

My reviews include: Title, Author, Publisher, Release Date, Source, Edition, Genre, Review of the Cover, Tagline, Series, and Main Character(s). In my review, I usually try to do a brief overview of the story in about a paragraph or two. I also talk about a few of the characters and then I go on to talk about my overall thoughts on the novel. There is a rating and I also recommend it to fans of specific areas.

I’d love to review books in a series as well, though I can’t guarantee that I own the former books, nor will I be able to purchase the first few books. Therefore, I will be eternally grateful if I’m supplied with them as well. I will then proceed to post a review for each book.

I’m also open to hosting giveaways, interviews, cover reveals, and participating in blog tours.

If you’d like to place a review request, please include the title, author, release date, and a brief synopsis of the novel so I know what it is about. You can send the review request to:






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