Sugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall | Review

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Sugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall | ReviewSugar Published by Skyscape on June 1, 2015
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 276
Format: ARC

I’m the fat Puerto Rican–Polish girl who doesn’t feel like she belongs in her skin, or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve always been too much and yet not enough.
Sugar Legowski-Gracia wasn’t always fat, but fat is what she is now at age seventeen. Not as fat as her mama, who is so big she hasn’t gotten out of bed in months. Not as heavy as her brother, Skunk, who has more meanness in him than fat, which is saying something. But she’s large enough to be the object of ridicule wherever she is: at the grocery store, walking down the street, at school. Sugar’s life is dictated by taking care of Mama in their run-down home—cooking, shopping, and, well, eating. A lot of eating, which Sugar hates as much as she loves.
When Sugar meets Even (not Evan—his nearly illiterate father misspelled his name on the birth certificate), she has the new experience of someone seeing her and not her body. As their unlikely friendship builds, Sugar allows herself to think about the future for the first time, a future not weighed down by her body or her mother.
Soon Sugar will have to decide whether to become the girl that Even helps her see within herself or to sink into the darkness of the skin-deep role her family and her life have created for her.

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When I first saw this book on Netgalley, I was immediately intrigued by how the pretty the cover was so I went ahead and clicked on it and read the synopsis. I found it to be very interesting, so what did I do? I downloaded it of course!

This book is about Sugar, who lives with her overweight mother and brother. Her mom is so big and recently got a surgery to the point where she never tried walking again after recovery, so she just lives on the bed and never really gets up. Her mother is constantly making Sugar do everything for her, even though Sugar has to focus on school and being a kid because she’s only a kid once. She also lives with her brother Skunk, who’s a complete ass. He’s so mean to her all the time and he drinks too much. Sugar’s life is a mess, but it’s her family so she doesn’t know what to do.

At school she has absolutely no friends and everyone makes fun of her. That all changes when she meets Even, who is a new kid. Some of the popular girls instantly likes him but he’s intrigued by Sugar, because she’s different. The two of them become the best of friends. They both have hard home lives, though when they’re together it tends to keep their mind of things. Sugar even begins to lose weight by walking to school with Even every day.

This book was hard to read at times, because I was so upset with the way that everyone treated Sugar. I know that people bully, I know that, but I didn’t know that bullying could ever get that bad. Her entire family even bullies her, for goodness sake! I honestly don’t know how Sugar made it that long putting up with all the crap that her family through at her.

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I like how Hall didn’t mind making the reader feel every single emotion. I was devastated, heart-broken, and cheerful all at once. I’d definitely suggest giving this book a read if you’re interested.

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  1. I really loved this. It's one of my fave books now! I really felt bad for Sugar and I hated those people who brings her down (especially Skunk! ugh!). But I really love how she pull through everything. Great review! 🙂

  2. I just read this one myself and I loved it! I love Sugar. She is so much tougher than she gives herself credit for. Even is the best. I love the way that he never made it a thing to help Sugar loose weight, but instead just loved her. This is such a beautiful story. I am glad that you enjoyed it too.

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