Just Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore | Review

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Just Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore | ReviewJust Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore Stultz
Series: If Only... #7
Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books on July 22, 2014
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 288
Format: ARC
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Pretty, popular Marijke Monti and over-achieving nerd-girl Lily Spencer have little in common--except that neither feels successful when it comes to love. Marijke can't get her boyfriend to say "I love you" and Lily can't get a boyfriend at all. When the girls end up at a late night showing of Titanic, sniffling along with the sinking ship, they realize that their love lives could--and should--be better. Which sparks an idea: Why can't life be like a movie? Why can't they create perfect romantic situations? Now they have a budding friendship and a plan--to act out grand gestures and get the guys of their dreams. It seems like fun at first, but reality turns out to be much more complicated, and they didn't take into account that finding true love usually requires finding yourself first.

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Marijke and Lily are complete opposites. While Marijke is popular and has a boyfriend that every other girl at the school would die for, Lily doesn’t really have any friends and spends most of her time volunteering or babysitting.

After running into each other at the movies, the both of them begin talking and decide that there’s no reason for life not to be like the movies. They decide to try to each get a guy to ask them out to prom by using all these gestures used in movies, such as Say Something.

Marijke already has a boyfriend: Tommy. Everyone at their school flirts with Tommy because they absolutely love him. Tommy doesn’t flirt back, though Marijke has a hard time trusting him because everyone likes him so much. Tommy is really devoted to her, though.

Tommy hasn’t asked Marijke to prom yet, and she is really into the big, grand promposals, so of course, she decides to go along with the idea that she and Lily come up with. Marijke also is a track star, which is just another reason why she is so popular.

Lily doesn’t have a boyfriend and she doesn’t even really have any friends for that matter, so when she and Marijke begin to get close as friends she has a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that someone may actually want to be friends with her.

Lily is kind of skeptical of love because her mother has had her heart broken so many times, and she always goes out on dates and leaves Lily at home to babysit. Lily has a crush on Joe, who is really into biking. She will do anything to win his heart over, even if it means embarrassing herself in the process.

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I absolutely loved Just Like the Movies. I’m not the biggest contemporary fan, though there was just something about this one that made me really want to read it. I think it was the whole movie aspect of this-it was really interesting how the girls would use scenes from movies and then act them out to try to win a guy’s heart so they could get dates to prom.

I also liked how this book was about more than just love; it was about the friendship that Marijke and Lily began to have as the story went on. I loved how the girls were always there for each other and they had a really close bond, it was just so heart-warming. I’d definitely suggest this book if you are looking for a fun summer read!

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