Book Review: The Foxglove Killings by Tara Kelly

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Book Review: The Foxglove Killings by Tara KellyThe Foxglove Killings on September 1, 2015
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 389
Format: ARC

Gramps always said that when the crickets were quiet, something bad was coming. And the crickets have been as silent as the dead. It started with the murdered deer in the playground with the unmistakable purple of a foxglove in its mouth. But in the dying boondock town of Emerald Cove, life goes on.
I work at Gramps's diner, and the cakes―the entitled rich kids who vacation here―make our lives hell. My best friend, Alex Pace, is the one person who gets me. Only Alex has changed. He's almost like a stranger now. I can't figure it out...or why I'm having distinctly more-than-friend feelings for him. Ones I shouldn't be having.
Then one of the cakes disappears.
When she turns up murdered, a foxglove in her mouth, a rumor goes around that Alex was the last person seen with her—and everyone but me believes it. Well, everyone except my worst enemy, Jenika Shaw. When Alex goes missing, it's up to us to prove his innocence and uncover the true killer. But the truth will shatter everything I've ever known about myself — and Alex.

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I’ve not always had the greatest luck with mystery stories. I tend to always want to read them, but then I solve the mystery on my own and lose interest only to be correct with my suspicions in the end. That’s why I try to stay away from them. However, when I saw The Foxglove Killings, I knew that there was something different about it. I’m quite glad that I made that realization.

The Foxglove Killings was utterly creepy, which is definitely a plus for a mystery novel. I also love how it started off incredibly creepy just in the beginning, within the first chapter even! I absolutely loved that, because I was thrown right into the story from the very first page and didn’t have to wait for any action! I really dislike slow stories, and The Foxglove Killings was definitely not slow-moving for me. Tara Kelly doesn’t hold back with the gruesome, which I liked as well. This mystery and it’s murder aspects were definitely well thought out.
Going back to what I said before about always guessing correctly when it comes to mysteries… that was not the case with The Foxglove Killings. I changed my thoughts on who I thought it was a few times, and I still ended up wrong! It’s just another reason to love this story and recommend it to others!
After reading The Foxglove Killings, I’ve decided that I should probably read more mysteries, because not all of them are so easily guessable! If you’ve not read this book yet, you should pick it up and give it a read.

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  1. Ohhhhh, this book does sound creepy! Glad to hear that it was more unpredictable than other mysteries, and that you liked it… I might have to give this one a try :)!
    Have a wonderful day.

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