Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel | Review

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Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel | ReviewCharlie, Presumed Dead Published by HMH Books for Young Readers on June 2, 2015
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 272
Format: ARC

In Paris, family and friends gather to mourn the tragic passing of Charlie Price—young, handsome, charming, a world-traveler—who is presumed dead after an explosion. Authorities find only a bloodied jacket, ID’d as Charlie’s. At the funeral, two teens who are perfect strangers, Lena Whitney and Aubrey Boroughs, make another shocking discovery: they have both been dating Charlie, both think Charlie loved them and them alone, and there is a lot they didn’t know about their boyfriend. Over the next week, a mind-bending trip unfolds: first in London—then in Mumbai, Kerala, and Bangkok, the girls go in search of Charlie. Is he still alive? What did their love for him even mean? The truth is out there, but soon it becomes clear that the girls are harboring secrets of their own. 
No one knows whom to trust in this thrilling tale of suspense and deception.

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Charlie, Presumed Dead was a whirlwind of a read. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, desperately wanting to know the deal with Charlie. You see, Charlie died in a plane crash, and two girls who both claimed they were his girlfriend showed up at his funeral. They met, of course, and decided to go on a hunt to find out what the deal was, because neither of them knew about the other… at all.

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The two girls had both been dating him, though Lena was dating him way longer. After much speculation, it seemed as if Charlie had two different personalities… one for each girl. One girlfriend claimed Charlie loved olives, while the other said he deeply despised them. The reader finds out more about the girls’ pasts and Charlie’s through brilliant flashbacks every once in a while. Those were my favorite chapters, hands-down.

Charlie was absolutely crazy, to the point where he seemed to think it was okay to have two girlfriends. The boy even made lists to keep the two of them straight in his head! He felt that if he was physically next to one of them and not the other, then the other must have been a fantasy in his head who didn’t exist. Absolutely crazy, am I right?

One thing I loved about this book was how Aubrey and Lena came together even though they could’ve stayed mad at each other for the entire book and gotten absolutely nowhere. They became good friends and learned to trust each other while they got to the bottom of what happened to Charlie, especially because Lena believed that Charlie wasn’t dead at all and actually planned the whole thing perfectly.

I actually read this book in one entire sitting because I just couldn’t stop reading! Every chapter kept me wanting more, which is exactly what an amazing book does! I definitely suggest giving this one a read. All I can say is that I seriously hope that there’s a sequel so I can find out what happens next!

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  1. Based on the synopsis, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to read this one but your review makes me think I should. Charlie sounds very fascinating, especially the part about how he doesn't feel like stuff exists if it's not near him (this was always one of my favourite questions in philosophy class) and I like that the girls become friends. Basically, I hope to check this one out! Thanks for the review!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  2. Ha I JUST published my review for this book yesterday. I would have given it a high review, except for the ending. When I read the ending, I was like what the hell?? It was this massive cliffhanger and there are no indications whether it will be a sequel or not. Ugh

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