June 5, 2017

Miss Crandall’s School For Young Ladies & Little Misses of Color | Review

Miss Crandall’s School For Young Ladies & Little Misses of Color | ReviewMiss Crandall's School for Young Ladies & Little Misses of Color on September 1, 2007
Pages: 48
Format: Hardcover

Two renowned poets tell the story of Prudence Crandall and her black students, who endured the cruelty of prejudice and hateful actions for the sake of their education. Miss Crandall faced legal proceedings for opening her school of African American women. But her young students knew that Miss Crandall had committed no crime. They knew that the real criminals were the rich white residents of Canterbury, Connecticut, who had poisoned the school's water and set fire to the schoolhouse. But hatred could not destroy their patience and compassion. From March of 1833 to September of 1834, when persecution forced the school to close, these African American women learned that they deserved an education. What they needed was the courage to go after it. Poets Elizabeth Alexander and Marilyn Nelson have re-created the remarkable story of Prudence Crandall's school in this ALA Notable Children's Book, using the sonnet form with innovative style. Floyd Cooper's powerful illustrations reveal the strength and vulnerability of Miss Crandall and her students.

I had to read this book for my English class and really didn’t go in expecting anything. However, I really enjoyed it! I’m not usually the biggest fan of poetry, though this poetry collection really stuck with me. I mean, I did have to read it a crap ton of times for my essay!

I learned quite a lot about an important part of history and really loved the differing writing styles between the two authors. I’d definitely suggest picking this one up if you are interested!

In addition, the book is outfitted with beautiful illustrations. I loved all of them!

  1. This sounds like a really interesting book. I haven't heard of it before and I think that I might have to take a look at it. Thanks so much for sharing this one. 🙂

  2. Reading assignments like this can be tough, but I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it and learned about an important part of history! This book sounds very interesting, and I love that it includes beautiful illustrations. Thank you for sharing this great review!

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