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Today I’m featuring Di from Book Reviews by Di on my blogger interviews feature! 

About Di:

Hi there! My name is Di and I love reading. I also love talking about books and I’ve recently started a Book Blog @
I’ve really enjoyed connecting with fellow bibliophiles and interacting on various memes etc. and this interview sounded like a lot of fun too.

The Interview:

1. What’s your favorite book and why? What song would you use to capture the essence of your favorite book?

Oh my word – you have started off with the absolute toughest question for any bibliophile! To quote another book lover, “I could no sooner choose a favourite star in the heavens”.

This year however I have absolutely LOVED books my Sarah J Maas with A Court of Mist and Fury being my favourite read this year so far.

If I could only choose one song to use I would have to go with Crystallise by Lindsey Stirling – YouTube link here:
The other song that stands out for me is Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls.

2. What is your dream career?

Something to do with reading and travelling. I’ll let you know when I figure it out!

3. Where do you want to travel to?

I’d still love to travel some more of Europe. I also want to go to Finland at Christmas! Who doesn’t want to see the home of Father Christmas?

4. If you could have your own friend squad made up of book characters, which characters would you choose to be part of the squad?

Matilda Wormwood/Honey from Matilda – She has to be one of my favourite literary characters EVER. She loves books, is adventurous and kind and would do anything to help her friends.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter – who wouldn’t want a friend like this? Loyal and fierce and a crazy amazing witch.

Daenerys Targaryen from ASoIaF – She has DRAGONS! Enough said.

Rhysand from ACoMaF – Can I just keep him? 😉

5. What’s your favorite TV show? Movie?

Oooh. So many favourites again. Right now my answers would have to be Game of Thrones and Suits for TV Shows. Movies I’m going with A Knight’s Tale and Ever After.

6. You finally got your invite to Hogwarts! Which house do you get sorted into and who do you befriend?

My invite finally arrived! I’ve been waiting for this forever!
Obviously I want to be a Gryffindor, but we can’t all belong to this great house so I think I might be a Ravenclaw. Obviously I’m going to befriend Luna because she’s awesome!

7. What song do you wish could be turned into a novel?
I’m Not Dead – P!nk

I just think that this song has so much meaning and could really inspire something great.

8. Which TV series or movie do you wish could be continued through a book series?

I am not a fan of movie interpretations, so this is a really tough one. And what I like to read differs greatly from what I like to watch on a screen. Maybe a spinoff of something like Maleficent – that feeling of fantasy, fairytales and darkness and yet goodness still being in the world.

9. What book do you wish had a sequel?

Off this year’s shelf I’d have to say Uprooted – and Novik actually tweeted about this the other day… So I wonder if it might be a possibility????

10. Why do you love books?

There are so many reasons to love books. There’s just something magical about reading, something that takes away all limitations and constraints of the world. We can slip into another mind, another place; we can become a part of an adventure; we can see deep into someone else’s soul. There’s nothing quite like it.

Diana’s Links:
Twitter: @DiHewlett

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all the questions Di!


  • Deborah

    Great interview and very interesting – I love the connection between books and TV / films and music as well! Also loved Suits but am a season behind… and used to own the Ever After DVD but loaned it my niece and haven't seen it since!

    • Di Hewlett

      Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping by here. 🙂 I'm also a season behind on Suits. Between work, family, new house construction and reading/blogging my TV time has been diminished and since I watch it with my husband we have to find the days where we both have the time to just chill in front of the TV for at least 45 minutes at a time! We'll get there though, one awesome episode at a time.

  • Greg

    Nice interview! I think Finland would be fabulous at Christmas time. And I love Lindsey stirling's stuff.

    • Di Hewlett

      Hi Greg and thanks for coming to see the interview. 🙂 Not much time left to decide what we are going to do for Christmas but a trip to the UK is still on the cards. Finland might just feature! 🙂

      Hope you're feeling better!

  • AmyWordaholic

    Great interview! Nice to learn about Diana 🙂

    • Di Hewlett

      Hi Amy – lovely to meet you. 🙂 I have checked out your blog and think that we have similar bookish interests. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Geraldine

    Wonderful to meet you, Di! I really love Suits as well – there's always a new plot twist, and always something to keep you hooked onto the show! 😀
    And argh, Lindsey Stirling can play the violin so well – I'm always super jealous and in awe of her! 😀

    • Di Hewlett

      Yes! There's always something about Suits. And I find their plots so clever and their characters endearing. 🙂

      Lindsey Stirling is great isn't she? I'm thrilled to see some of my interests crossing over in my bookish world! TV shows, music, movies etc. It's great to see we have more in common in our lives.

      Thanks for stopping by the interview!

  • Di Hewlett

    Krystianna – thanks so much for featuring my interview. It was great fun! 🙂

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