August 23, 2016

Ten Books That Have Been On My TBR From Before I Started Blogging

I love this week’s topic! I think it’s really interesting to look back on my shelves and see what novels I’ve literally had for the longest time that I still haven’t read. 
Here we go!
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver // I got this one for Christmas so many years ago. I remember getting it and thinking that it was huge so I kind of stuck it back far into my shelf and it’s been there ever since.
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks // This is one of my all time favorite movies, especially because I love Miley Cyrus. I never read the book though!
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson // I was given this one as a gift too but I guess I never got around to it.
The Dead & the Gone and This World We Live in by Susan Beth Pfeffer // I remember reading the first book in this series in middle school and I absolutely loved it. This was probably the first dystopian novel that I read. I bought the sequels but never actually read them.
Sorry guys, turns out I only have 5!
What books have you had since before blogging that you still haven’t read?

  1. Greg says:

    I want to read Before I Fall, several bloggers have said it's her best book. I need to get to that one!

  2. Keeley Reads says:

    I loved Before I Fall, I still need to read Speak too! Hope you get round to them soon 🙂

  3. Yeah my TBR pile exists because of blogging! LOL! Though I did pick some of the books that came about back in the early days of blogging, and Borders closing (SOB!!!!) and attending my first RT!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  4. Jacque Smith says:

    Before I Fall is one of the few Lauren Oliver books that I still need to read as well. I hope you enjoy all of them when you finally get around to them.

    My TTT:

  5. I never realized how huge Before I Fall is until you mentioned it. I own it on my nook, so it never occurred to me that it is almost 500 pages! I did the same thing with Susan Beth Pfeffer's series. I remember reading the first two books, but I never got around to the third. I think the series just became a bit too depressing for me. Great TTT Krystianna!

  6. AngelErin says:

    I've been meaning to read Speak as well. I always hear great things about it!

  7. I can never come up with ten things! Ha ha. That's why I do a Top Ten Friday based in the TTT prompt. XD

  8. Nessa Luna says:

    I really enjoyed The Dead and the Gone, but the third book was honestly a bit 'meh' in my opinion (as was the fourth). But yeah I do recommend TD&TG! Here's my TTT!

  9. Five is a good number, a solid number, five works. So you can hate me but The Last Song is now a movie…so you can technically skip the book. People say they both make ya cry. J/k

  10. Loes says:

    I like this topic! I only read The Last Song from your list and I thought it was a ok book.

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