August 22, 2013

Ravenous by Heidi Loney | Review

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Ravenous by Heidi Loney | ReviewRavenous on July 1, 2013
Pages: 215
Format: Paperback

The government of the Americas controls the world's dwindling food supply and, due to overwhelming overpopulation, incarcerates children who exceed an arbitrary weight limit. Detroit teen Calla Ryan knows what hunger is every day of her life.
Snatched away from her family without notice, Calla joins her cousin Laurel at a remote ‘fat camp’ after new sensors installed at her high school find her overweight. The only surprise is that she and Laurel are both the picture of health and well within the state limit.
Mysterious events heighten Calla’s involvement at the fat camp; Laurel goes missing without explanation, Calla’s counsellor is found dead in his room from an apparent drug overdose, and the infirmary summons Calla for a routine inoculation that might prove to be deadly.
On the outside, a virus that began overseas has now made its way to the Americas with dire consequences. Victims with the mutated flu virus attack the camp for food as the illness ravages them with insatiable hunger. Calla must flee from the invasion, pushing deeper into the Canadian Shield with only two people in the world she can trust: Billy and Madge.

Calla lives in a world where overpopulation has made the food scarce. One day, when she’s getting ready to go to school, her mom tells her that she’s to come straight home if something seems off at the doorways of the school, such as sensors being placed in the entrance. So when she goes to school, she sees the sensors and tries to escape. Only she ends up being pushed through the doorway anyway because of all the people. As soon as she passes through, she’s stopped and is sent to a fat camp where she is to become healthy again, because supposedly she isn’t anyway. At this fat camp, Calla finds that pretty much nobody is actually fat. She thinks that everyone is really pretty fit, so she’s a bit confused. Once people end up dying and going missing, Calla decides that maybe she should do something about it and get to the bottom of this mystery.  

Ravenous was quite a great dystopian. I was really intrigued by the awesome mystery that pursued throughout the novel. I was constantly wondering about the deaths and everything else going on. I especially loved the characters presented in this novel. Calla was a really great main character. I found it interesting that she was sent to a fat camp and yet she didn’t even really mind. I also think that Calla was a really strong character: there were quite a few instances where she would’ve sacrificed herself just to save her friends. I really respect that about her. They were all instantly friends and they really loved each other.

Another thing I really loved about Ravenous was the zombies. I hadn’t even expected there to be any zombies, so I was super excited when a zombie appeared because the zombie virus had hit. I’m a huge zombie fan yet I haven’t read many zombie books, so of course that’s an aspect that I loved. The zombie scenes were pretty epic. I definitely think that this whole idea was really unique and with that ending, I’m quite excited to read the next book. Ravenous was a really short read, so I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a quick fix of a unique dystopian!

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  1. Aneeqah says:

    ZOMBIES! I definitely wasn't expecting those from the synopsis, but it's pretty dang cool that they're a part of this book. I like the idea behind this story, it seems so unique! The MC also sounds fantastic, and I love how she would have willingly sacrificed herself for her friends at multiple points. It's also cool that she didn't really mind that she went to a fat camp.

    Lovely review, Krystianna! <3

  2. This sounds really unique! I hadn't heard of it before, so thanks for sharing. I love the whole weight control aspect. I've never seen that in a dystopian before. And who doesn't love a good zombie book?!

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